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Marcus Buckingham: What are your strengths?

In this clip Marcus Buckingham argues that your strengths aren't necessarily what you are good at. They are what you enjoy doing - activities that sustain and fulfil you. This confirms for me a strand of Buckingham's work that I don't actually like: self-indulgence. Of late, his work has been more about the self and part of the self improvement, self fulfillment, personal development agenda, than it has been about corporate improvement.

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Marcus Buckingham on what you can learn from marriage

Buckingham is known as the fastest rising workplace engagement and leadership guru. He's giving a masterclass in London on June 10th. Click here for details: Marcus Buckingham in London, June 10th Masterclass. 

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Free e-Book on employee engagement from David Zinger and friends

Hub member David Zinger co-ordinates the Employee Engagement Network. They produced a free e-book back in May, containing 300 tips, prompts, and insights on engaging employees. Being slow, I've only just noticed it. David is also co-author, with Phil Gerbyshak, of the Slacker Manager blog.You can find the link to the free e-book here:

David Zinger on Employee Engagement"

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Depressive or Delusive: Which is best in leadership?

Colin posted a book review on leadership and self-deception in the Hub Book Club and said it provoked the most changed behaviour out of all the books his leadership group at Black & Decker had read and discussed.

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The Problem with Marcus Buckingham: What do you think?

I have a lot of time for Marcus Buckingham. But, I think there is a BIG problem with how he and Gallup (the company on whose research work and ideas he bases his own work) have been interpreted. I just splurged it out in reply to a comment by Rob designed to improve the Hub self-assessment test, over in the Assessment Area of The Hub. That was the wrong place to put it.