Time invested inspiring Jr resources

Good day!

Today I was able to participate in three different junior resources generation initiatives being conducted by my team.

 In the first meeting, I was able to speak to candidates to a professional position in my team. A Team of 7 people being trained by one of the Master professionals, a.k.a. Master Yoda, to assume in 2 months, a trainee position in my team. I was able to talk a little bit about the profession, the perspectives and why the position was a very cool one.

The real power within: a tip from new member Michael

New Hub member Michael Scully shared this with me, below, and I think it's a powerful way of helping people feel less powerless in the face of the global financial maelstrom, the downturn and, on a more mundane note, how to deal with the lows of each day or week and focus them (and you!) on resilience. Michael said I could post it here. Do tell him what you think of this and if you found it useful. Thanks. Obviously, do credit Michael if you use this technique anywhere to help boost morale and 'can do' spirit. Phil Dourado

A Little Extra

Employees have been beaten down quite a bit over the past couple of decades - Downsizing, rightsizing, offshoring, etc. They have been asked to work more, while salary increases have been sparse. Joe and Wanda, how do you get employees to do that little extra – take on that additional project for instance?

Form more, click here.

The Art of Motivation: Harvard's 'powerful new model'

Motivation and High Performance

Harvard Business Review's 'summer reading' (their big summer edition) has a big piece on motivation. Timely, as motivation can dip drastically in a downturn, with employees worried about their finances, their job and the future.

The piece draws on the trendy 'neuroscience of leadership' - using MRI scanners to see which areas of the brain light up to show activity and engagement - and says that there are four key drivers of motivation:

Inspire Me: Ben Zander on 'Do their (and your) eyes shine?'

There was a survey of happiness at work. Orchestra members came second from the bottom, just above prison guards. Chamber musicians came top. What's the difference between chamber musicians and orchestra musicians?

Sideline Super Bowl MVP

Who has the football from the last pass Brett Farve threw in his NFL career?  And a new Super Bowl ring?

It's the person credited with leading the Giants to the Super Bowl after a turn-around season. 

And he never made a single play -- just a motivational speech.

LTC Greg Gadson, my West Point classmate, lost both his legs to a bomb in Iraq.  But fellow classmate and Army Football teammate Mike Sullivan, now on the Giant's coaching staff, knew despite what Greg had lost, he still had a lot to offer.  So he brought Greg to talk to the struggling NFL team.

Blue Ocean Strategy - Motivation for Implementation

In their book, Blue Ocean Strategy, W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne talk about how to motivate the troops to execute a strategy. They discourage the traditional approach of creating grand strategic visions propagated by massive top-down mobilization initiatives that are very expensive and usually only inspire lip service.

Eight factors in creating passion

Passion is usually a pretty desirable thing in employees and especially also in leaders (with the usual qualification of passion for the right thing).

I came across a neat paper recently from the Blanchard stable.

Adversity University

Even those with the most positive attitudes can occasionally get caught in a funk and start feeling a bit down. Whenever such thoughts creep in on me I "hop" on over to Stephen Hopson's blog, Adversity University. Within minutes, he gets me pumped up and refocused. Check it out for yourself. Sample his new demo tape too. I think you'll understand what I mean.

Steve Levitt: Why incentives don't work. And how to REALLY motivate people

In this clip that Leaders in London kindly allow us access to, rogue economist Steve Levitt, author of Freakonomics, answers a question from the audience on whether incentives really motivate people. He gives a nice example of why cash incentives, bonuses based on targets etc.


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