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Brand Experiences Need Surprises

During the 130th anniversary celebration of Banco Sabadell's inception, Sabadell TV pays tribute with the "Som Sabadell" campaign.  A little girl gives some money to a street musician only to see something magical happen...

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"Breathing Together - Leadership Lessons from Musical Ensembles"

I had the privilege of speaking at TEDx in Santa Barbara in November 2011.  My talk was titled "Breathing Together - Leadership Lessons from Musical Ensembles" and I thought this group might find it interesting.  Hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your thoughts.

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The Rock'n'Roll Business Leadership Blog

There is also a rock'n'roll business leadership blog which should act as a spur to conversation at

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The Music of Leadership

Interview with Ask Europe - a major business consultancy

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I Got a Name

I'm a little young to remember Jim Croce.  In some ways I wish I had seen his story.  He died ten years before I was born, but left a legacy of music that is still alive today.  Here are a couple highlights from his biography on

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Team development through music

Two You Tube videos made by Sky Media as part of a team building / sales development programme

Teams were taken into a studio for the day and wrote / recorded a song irrespective of their musical talents

After this, teams devised an executed a sales and marketing strategy to 'sell' their songs, although there is no 'profit' or 'prize', just the fun of seeing how many downloads they could achieve

There are two songs here, one vageuly reminiscent of Lilly Allen and another a curious mixture of 'Marc Almond and the Cheeky Girls'