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Are you a Responsible Leader? This'll help you find out

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Being a responsible leader is about considering:

Your employees, your customers, and what effect your actions will have on those people.

From this blog post on Leadership Now, Author Tim Richardson has 4 traits you can measure yourself by.

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What is Your Mission?

purposeEach of us as mere mortals, existing on a 4.5 billion year-old planet in a speck of planetary time, needs to have a sense of purpose and contribution to our lives. It connects to leadership. Without contribution and purpose, we risk travelling through our short lifetimes as hitchhikers on a gorgeous Earth.


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Are You Booing or Cheering for Your CEO?


Dateline: Summer 1941he troops weren’t happy with the country’s leadership.

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Your big question for 2009: What do you live for?

Looking back and looking forward as the year turns helps us make sense of what we are about, what we are for, where we are going. And to adjust course if our lives aren't going quite the way we had wanted. There's a sense in which we step out of our daily lives as the year turns, consider it from outside-in, before we step back into it again and get caught up once more. To 'lead' our own lives we really need to do this more than once a year, don't you think?