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The HR profession has always been one where Measurement is difficult and gathering Evidence is problematic!


Joseph Juran's Four Human Obstacles to Quality (Juran died last week aged 103!)

Joseph Juran who, along with W Edwards Deming, was invited to Japan in 1954 and 1950 respectively to teach Japanese managers about quality and statistical process control respectively, and who is widely-seen as the father of the Japanese domination of global manufacturing in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s, died last week aged 103.

The 'how' of changing culture and minds...and how people behave

Attached is a pdf with some thoughts in from a series of four pieces written for the British Journal of Healthcare Management. Hope you find some useful ideas in it. Here's the front page abstract:

Professor Aidan Halligan, director of Elision Health
A series of four articles on the theme of rediscovering lost values in
healthcare, published in the British Journal of Healthcare
Management 2007 Vol 13 Nos. 8-12

Guide to Quality Principles

I have found using a checklist as a self checking tool extremely useful.   The attached I use on a regular basis and have encouraged my team to do the same.  Very important as we embark on our leadership at work / quality journey.  

Performance @ Work - Introducing Quality Principles

What is required to establish and lead a high performance culture in a regional environment? What are the tools and techniques that work?

I have long been an advocate of cultural change and have a number of years experience in leading activities in multi-national organisations. I am currently embarking on three initiatives within my current organisation to deliver a sustainable high performance culture. My objectives are

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