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Gen Y Should Give Us Hope: It’s About Self-Empowerment

Young People


Society, for whatever reason, has traditionally looked at youth as pampered, lazy and possessing no goal in life.

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Are You a BEST Leader at Customer Service? Get Your Feet Burnt!

BEST PostCustomer (client) service is in the dumps with most companies and publicly funded organizations. We all have our favorite stories of horrendous customer service.

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Are You a Hang Dog Leader?

Lyndon Baines Johnson was having a bad hair day.

Here he was, Vice President of the greatest country in the world, former speaker of Congress and a master strategist and tactician, and he was slumped in a chair in a colleague’s office, head in his hands. He suddenly blurted out: “Being vice president is being like a cut dog.”

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How to Unlock the Hidden Knowledge in Your Organization


Are you fed up watching talented co-workers walk out the door–regardless of reason–taking valuable knowledge with them?

No, I’m not talking theft of intellectual or physical property; I’m referring to what’s called tacit knowledge, the stuff that resides between our two ears: the know-how, contacts and vast amounts of synthesized information we’re processed over time.

In contrast, explicit knowledge is information that’s been gathered, documented and codified, such as in corporate databases, manuals, reports, etc.

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Are You a Hub Spoke in Your Organization?

I remember when I was in my late twenties in the early eighties, completing my Masters in economics, replete with a two-year old, facing an ominous labor market.

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Is Work-Life Balance Beyond Our Reach?

SkyscraperHow balanced are you when it comes to juggling work duties, family responsibilities (not just kids but also ageing parents), social life, physical fitness, walking the dog, hobbies, and the list goes on.

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Ten Leadership Behaviors to Master Turbulent Change

Baseball great Yogi Berra had his own explanation when his batting wasn't up to par: 

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Got the Christmas Blues or Feeling Stressed Out? Chill Out With Max!

From Changing Winds

Okay, we're all feeling a variety of emotions at this time of year. Me? I hold my breath until January 2. I've been raising kids for 31 years, and Sue and I have gone through a ton of Christmases.