Servant Leadership

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Would you Clean the Toilets? A sign of the best leaders

"Leadership doesn’t make you better than anyone else. It makes you more responsible."

Michael McKinney's latest post is a perfect summation of Servant Leadership.

Your role as leader should be to do whatever needs to be done for your people and your mission. You are there to be responsible for these things and to help, whatever that 'help' is required.

Would you even clean the toilets if it was needed?

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Lead Like Mary

Over a career spanning almost 40 years, spent in the voluntary and private sectors and latterly running my own business focused on leadership, I have had the opportunity to observe and experience leaders of every shape, size and type.  I have seen good leaders, mediocre ones, poor leaders and some who frankly terrified me.  Far too rarely have I worked for or come across great leaders who truly inspired me.

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Situational Leadership by Ken Blanchard

Here, the great Ken Blanchard and his son Scott explain what Situational Leadership means. Towards the end of this 3-minute clip they also describe 'servant leadership'. This clip is reproduced here with the permission of the Ken Blanchard Group of Companies

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What’s Your Leadership Truthiness Quotient?

I may be into leadership and the effects of globalization on people and organizations, but I also have a keen sense of humor.

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Martin Luther King on Servant Leadership

"Everybody can be great because anybody can serve...
You only need a heart full of grace, a soul generated by love.
And you can be that servant."
- Dr. Martin Luther King

More on servant leadership here:   

Wikipedia definition of servant leadership

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Muhammad Ali on Servant Leadership

“Service to others
is the rent you pay
for your room here on earth.”
- Muhammad Ali

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Is Tough-Ass Leadership Better Than Servant Leadership?

From Changing Winds

As a Western society we’ve been enraptured with leadership for decades. The past 20 years have witnessed a tidal wave of books on leadership and management, with most of them having short shelf lives and, in reality, providing gimmicky messages based on flimsy or non-existent research.

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Desmond Tutu on servant leadership (video)

I like this from the great Desmond Tutu. Perhaps most of all I love that little aha/half-chuckle at the beginning of his answer.