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From Transactional Leadership to Reflective Leadership


Owls Head


“Hi Dan,” Sheila called as she poked her head into the office of one of her managers. “Are you interested in taking a two day coaching course next week? It’s aimed at helping managers become better coaches.”

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If You Want Innovation, Don’t Follow the Money - Follow the Leader.

Today’s leaders are growing more and more concerned that their companies, divisions or departments are lacking innovation. However, they need to look no further than the mirror to understand the reason why. Leading the market through innovation is a strategy; whether or not a company achieves that strategy is determined by its culture; leaders both set and sustain culture. Hence, if you are leader, innovation is yours if you want it.

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Corner Office LIVE Today at 4 p.m. EST! Join us!

Our Explorers, Debra Pickfield and Jean Letourneau will be joined by David Snowden, a Corner Office friend.

The show starts at 4 p.m. EST sharp.

Click here to watch.

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Winston Churchill. Courage. Leadership.



As the host of Corner Office, I often think about who I would interview if the sky was the limit.  Needless to say, there are a number of innovative thinkers whose legacies have left a lasting impression on me.  One of those great heroes is Winston Churchill (Prime Minister of England).  I believe we could all learn from Churchill’s wisdom, as he was a revolutionary strategist and communicator of his time.


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Be Proactive With Your Business Strategy

In these challenging times, Joel Smith, CEO of JF Smith & Associates, advises managers not to lose sight of the power and importance of setting and executing sound strategy. Listen to the 8 1/2 minute podcast here.

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What is Self Leadership

The notion of "leadership" is a complex one. Others lead through "commands" and subordinates follow because that is what is expected from them. Yet others lead through "role modeling" or through what is becoming more known today as "self-leadership." Self-Leadership skills are a "must" for 21st century business professionals.  Follow Dream Inc.

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If you want to invite me to be a speaker or consult your employees, please contact to anytime. Thank you  

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Re-inventing management: what happened in Half Moon Bay a week or two ago

Five steps to re-invent management and leadership

We once home swapped with some people who live in Half Moon Bay, just south of San Francisco. The small town goes by the proud title of "Pumpkin-Growing Capital of The World", which means they must be doing good business in the run up to Hallowe'en right now.

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Achieving Business Excellence

Rather than add several notes here -- I have posted a really good blog on my site.