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Book Review & Extract: The Hamster Revolution (how to tame email)

I haven't been in here for a while, as I seem to be overwhlmed - with information. In case you are feeling the same way (who isn't!) attached is a pdf of the opening chapter of The Hamster Revolution, which is all about how to get off the information treadmill and tame your email. It's not time management you need to get on top of, it's email management.

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The 1-3-6 Exercise

 What’s the 1-3-6 Exercise? Listen to The Management Tips Podcast with Dan Coughlin to find out. Click here.

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Podcast: Time Management Tips

I recently did a podcast with Wayne Turmel on his Cranky Middle Manager Show. It's a review of the last chapter of my book, Lead Well and Prosper, which addresses "Planning Your Week." Click here to listen. Wayne's has a lot of excellent podcasts on his website. Check them out. You will end up adding his site to your favorites. 

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"I'm So Busy" Excuse

It's no secret that many managers are very busy, but do some use the "I'm so busy" line as an excuse? Click here to see how Joe and Wanda tackle the issue as they react to the offer of a new "opportunity."