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Workplace Stress and the Striving Styles


When we use the behaviors, functions and attitudes that are natural for our Striving Style, it increases our energy, we grow, develop, and are rewarded without undue duress or stress. When we are forced to adapt to workplace norms, it creates both emotional and physiological stress leading to changes in behaviour and energy levels. 

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Delegation Requires Training, Timing, and Trusting


Delegation is the formal transfer of authority. Many of us know that we do not delegate as often nor as well as we should.  Here are three reasons why, and what to do about them: 


We don’t delegate because

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Take ownership of your life first.

It is simply amazing to me to read about the number of people in the US that have lost their homes because they were duped by smooth talking mortgage sales people into purchasing a "sub-prime" mortgage, only to find out a year or two down the road that the incredibly low rate they were initially offered was now adjusted upwards to such a level that they could no longer afford the mortgage payments.

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Achieving Business Excellence

Rather than add several notes here -- I have posted a really good blog on my site.

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Managers are Judged by Two Criteria

In his book, The Wisdom of the Flying Pig, Jack Hayhow mentions that there are two criteria by which managers are judged…

"The first criterion is the productivity of the manager’s workgroup. How much work gets done, and what is the quality of that work?

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Coaching Directs

I was over on the Manager Tools website and listened to a podcast on the importance of coaching direct reports. The hosts explain some of the reasons managers seem to have an aversion toward coaching. They dispel the myth that it takes a tremendous amount of time. According to them, all it takes is 5 minutes per week for each direct report. Click here for more

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Do You Have a Backup?

Have you developed a back-up for your current position? Does your organization have a list of potential up-and-coming leaders to help fill vacant positions? To see how Joe and Wanda tackle the backup question and to get some perspectives on leadership development from Jack Welch and Wally Bock, click here.