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The right word!

The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause. - Mark Twain US humorist, novelist, short story author, & wit (1835 - 1910)

Just joined the Hub and will be lurking, to the best of my ability given the short amount of free time I will have. As I discover more I will join various groups and start to engage with others so far so good!

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Truth and Trust

I haven't posted for a while. Like so many others my work days are getting longer and I have been doing a lot of travelling. Always a good time to think...

We are in the midst of a global downturn. There is nothing new in this we have experienced financial downturns before and we will face them again in the future. Like everything in life this is just a normal part of cycles; this drives rebirth and change. From challenge comes new opportunity and new optimism. What I sense is different this time is the lack of visionary thinking and the lack of optimism.

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Book Club: Lead Well And Prosper by Nick McCormick

Lead Well and ProsperHub Member Nick McCormick's book Lead Well and Prosper: 15 Successful Strategies for Becoming a Good Manager, is just 93 pages long and useful for managers who are starting out, but also as a reminder of the basic truths of leadership for those who are experienced and senior in the organization.

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Why am I here.....?


As you might have already guessed avalok is not my given name. It is my pen-name.

Am 52, have managed to remain single in a highly conformist & traditional Indian society.

Not because of any particular reasons or traits. I just wanted to be the "free"est person in the world.

Not easy, right?

I am a seeker...seeking what? ....dunno...may be I am seeking a purpose.

But while meandering through this life of mine,even though I have not found what I actually want , I learnt a few important and useful lessons.