Warren Bennis

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The Elusiveness of Leadership

Guy JumpingWhen your correspondent entered the leadership field in the early nineties, not long after starting work as a middle manager, the economy was rebounding from a recession and a new buzz around leadership was emerging.

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In Memory of a Leadership Pioneer – Warren Bennis

Bennis 2This summer saw one of the world’s most respected leadership experts depart our planet, heading off to join other past leadership giants. Warren Bennis died on July 31 at age 89.


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My Hero: Warren Bennis, On Becoming A Leader

Warren Bennis: On Becoming a LeaderUp from the Hub archives. Originally published 2007

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On Becoming A Leader

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Ideas for Leaders: A Collaborative blog featuring Jim Clemmer

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Book Club: Transparency, by Warren Bennis, Daniel Goleman, James O'Toole

In their recent book, Transparency, this trio of authors - each famous in leadership circles in their own right - point out that the higher up the organizational ladder you get, the less likely people are to speak the truth to you. It's not that they lie. They just tell you what they think you want to hear. Speaking truth to power is one of the most difficult things in a hierarchy for large numbers of people.

Bennis, Goleman and O'Toole say you need to apply four key principles in how you lead to ensure transparency - that you and others see the truth of your organization.

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Warren Bennis on Emotion and Judgement

Part 2 of a 4 part interview series for the Harvard Kennedy School Center for Public Leadership's 2006 "Conversation on Leadership: Growing Leaders in a Changing World." Interview lasts two minutes or so and is well edited. If you like this one there are more here if you scroll down for 'related videos' after clicking through 

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Video clip: How Leaders Go Wrong, with Warren Bennis and Barbara Kellerman

I've been a fan of Warren Bennis since I chaired a workshop of his. What a lovely man. And I like Barbara Kellerman's thinking on what makes a bad leader. This is a long clip - 38 minutes - and the introduction goes on a bit too long. But, if you have the time, sit down with a coffee and maybe a few colleagues who are interested in leadership, over lunch maybe, and look to pull out, say, three learning points to put into action.Barbara Kellerman's microphone doesn't work at first. Give it a minute - Warren Bennis fixes it for her.