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Greg Kittinger - Welcome Post. Christian leadership developer, USA

I just launched a new newsletter directed specifically to Christian leaders in business, ministry, or public service.  I'm interested in feedback, especially if those who don't consider themselves "Christian" would also feel the content is useful.

Hit my profile page and head on over to my site, (or here it is: www.theChristianLeadersLetter.com) if you are willing to do a quick analysis and provide some feedback! 

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Hello All from LA, CA USA

d a morton, founder and president, High Definition Leadership. Thank you allowing me to join in. Everything I have seen thus far tells me I am in the right place. I am looking to expand my fundamentally US-based leadership network worldwide. I am also really in search of great mentors. Please stop by my page for details. Drop me a note while there. Also, if you are interested in how I think check out my blog at www.hdleadership.blogspot.com. I am looking forward to the "high level" interaction.

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Welcome To The Hub!

Hi and welcome to The Leadership Hub. You are one of the first to be invited to use this platform, which is the world's first online collaborative development platform for leaders. You'll notice it takes in a lot of the principles used in social networking platforms like Facebook and My Space, in which users create and share their own content. Web 2.0 is what the techie analysts call it.