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By Jim Taggart May 24 2015

Are You Finding Your Leadership Voice?

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, including gender and race. The prevailing myth in much of the Western world, as well as in most developing countries, is that leadership is a man’s game, whether in politics or corporations.Furthermore, in such countries as Australia, the United States, Can...
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By Inspector Gadget May 22 2015

"You’re not only a leader, you are a leader of leaders."

800-CEO-READ invited America's first four-star female general, Ann Dunwoody, to talk leadership and her book.A wonderful attitude to your work. Here's 3 points to take from the interview: 1. There is no 'cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all solution'Despite first impressions of the army, Ann's lead...
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By The Architect May 21 2015

Who said it? "A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new" (Infographic)

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By Jim Taggart May 18 2015

One Woman’s Fight to Reform Islam: Heretic

We often associate the word leadership with politicians (primarily males) or big shot CEOs and entrepreneurs. However, leadership comes in another form: people who aren’t leading an organization but rather a cause. Witness the courageous work of Nobel Peace Prize recipient Malala Yousafzai...
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By Phil Dourado May 12 2015

A Learning Distillery: Whole leadership books in 5 min animations

From 30SecondsMail (who have undercut me by 30 seconds, but I don't care as it's a great idea)."We recently launched our "Book Distillery": We create super short and crisp 5 minute animated video abstracts of famous business books. There's no easier and funnier way to digest a whole book in such...
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By The Architect May 11 2015

The Habits of Unsuccessful People vs Successful People (Infographic)

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By Jim Taggart May 10 2015

Three Notable Global Thought Leaders–And Why They Matter

We’re adrift as a society, seeking leadership for the way ahead. We strive for meaning in our nano-second lifetimes on Planet Earth.And we hope for some measure of contribution to our community, and society at large, during that nano-second burst.Life is too short; indeed, it’s brutally short f...
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By Phil Dourado May 7 2015

Would you Clean the Toilets? A sign of the best leaders

"Leadership doesn’t make you better than anyone else. It makes you more responsible."Michael McKinney's latest post is a perfect summation of Servant Leadership.Your role as leader should be to do whatever needs to be done for your people and your mission. You are there to be responsible for these t...
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By Zen Master May 4 2015

How to beat That Voice in your head

Zen leadership and mindfulness starts with being honest with yourself. And I mean truly honest, to the point of objectivity. And the first thing we think when we hear 'be honest with yourself' is 'look at your flaws'. But that is only half of the process. As Seth Godin puts it, self-criticism is h...
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By Jim Taggart May 3 2015

Technology: Friend or Foe?

Technology is everywhere in our lives. It’s been that way for hundreds–make thousands–of years.Indeed, some of the biggest technological inventions of the past were earthshaking, changing society, the nature of work and improving the lives of people.Take a moment to think about what some of the...