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Phil Dourado's picture
By Phil Dourado Nov 24 2014

Can ANYONE be a leader? (10 Golden Rules of Leadership)

A good question from Leadership Now's Leading Blog while reviewing The Ten Golden Rules of Leadership.Do you truly believe that anyone can become a leader? Think of some faces from your work and honestly ask yourself.Does it take a special something to lead? Or do we all have the potential? If one o...
Jim Taggart's picture
By Jim Taggart Nov 24 2014

Tell the Truth. Always

In Canada, the problem of lying and deception by prominent leaders is skewed into the political sphere. The United States, in contrast, is more of an equal opportunity employer, with an abundance of dishonest corporate and political leaders at all levels of government: municipal, state and federal....
Tim Bryce's picture
By Tim Bryce Nov 18 2014

New Book - "The Facts of Life Regarding Management"

"The Facts of Life Regarding Management" provides common sense approachBRYCE'S "THE FACTS OF LIFE REGARDING MANAGEMENT" PROVIDES COMMON SENSE APPROACH've just written a new book entitled, "The Facts of Life Regarding Management," which provides a common...
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By Jim Taggart Nov 17 2014

Leading in a Time of Rapidly Shifting Tectonic Plates

A movement at the boundary of twotectonic plates of only eight inches will set off an earthquake. Using plate tectonics as the metaphor, what has been happening to global manufacturing over the past three decades has been a series of ongoing earthquakes. China’s rise as a major manufacturi...
Inspector Gadget's picture
By Inspector Gadget Nov 10 2014

Who said it? "I build something to solve a real problem; I didn’t manufacture a problem"

"I think the only thing that separates me from others is that I build something to solve a real problem; I didn’t manufacture a problem."Have you been reading 800 CEO Read? That quote comes from a start-up, quoted in one of their Friday Links Posts.Technology is problem-solving. For every life-chan...
Jim Taggart's picture
By Jim Taggart Nov 10 2014

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

October 26 was the day when Jian Ghomeshi’s world began its rapid implosion. The 47 year-old CBC Radio broadcaster and host of the corporation’s hugely popular and US–syndicated morning show Q finally was facing reality. One of Canada’s major celebrities and most eligible bachelors,...
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By Phil Dourado Nov 3 2014

You are the Center / Centre of the Universe

That is how a good leader should make you feel.Tom Peters recalls this in his blog post remembering Warren Bennis, the famed leadership guru who sadly passed away this year. Bennis had a brilliant story about dining with two types of leaders, brought to life in 19th Century British Prime Ministe...
Jim Taggart's picture
By Jim Taggart Nov 3 2014

The World’s Biggest Change Agent

I’ve been fascinated with Pope Francis since he assumed the top leadership position with the Catholic Church. Although I’m not Catholic (indeed a long-time, non-practicing Protestant) I’ve been a student of leadership for a quarter of a century. And having been actively involved in a number of past...
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By Barry Dore Oct 30 2014

The need for entrepreneurial leadership, everywhere

I am so excited that The Apprentice is back!  So many people I share my excitement with are astonished that I like this programme.  So many people hate it.  The egotistical Alan Sugar with his scripted one liners and a whole bunch of arrogant young morons who think they are God's gift...
Jim Taggart's picture
By Jim Taggart Oct 26 2014

A Fallen Hero Who Served His Country

October 22, 2014, is the day that changed Canada, when the country’s Parliament in Ottawa was attacked suddenly and brutally. Corporal Nathan Cirillo, a 24 year-old reservist from Hamilton with theArgyll and Sutherland Highlanders, an infantry reserve unit at the core of the Combat Arms team, w...