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By Jim Taggart Mar 29 2015

What is Your Mission?

Each of us as mere mortals, existing on a 4.5 billion year-old planet in a speck of planetary time, needs to have a sense of purpose and contribution to our lives. It connects to leadership. Without contribution and purpose, we risk travelling through our short lifetimes as hitchhikers on a gorgeous...
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By Phil Dourado Mar 26 2015

One thing all leaders struggle with

Giving feedback.Receiving feedback can trigger a fight-or-flight response.We all rationally want to improve and would want honesty from those around us. Otherwise we end up with a bizarre funhouse mirror idea of who we are.How can we make it easier?Dan McCarthy has 10 tips on giving feedback.You sho...
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By Vasiliy Smetanin Mar 25 2015


Organizing, considering alternatives, making choices and solving problems are those common tasks managers have to cope with every day. The effectiveness of decision making shows how successful the manager is. Some of the decisions are quite simple and are made instantaneously, however some of them a...
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By Jim Taggart Mar 22 2015

How Distorted is Your Leadership Lens?

We all wear filters which affect how we perceive the world. Let’s call it our leadership lens. No one is immune–even super smart people.And there’s nothing wrong with that.The challenge is for each of us to be fully aware of our filters and how they influence our leadership lens. Otherwise, our...
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By The Architect Mar 17 2015

Inside The Mind of a Successful Manager

Submitted by Pepperdine University. 
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By Inspector Gadget Mar 12 2015

THE primary motivator of people (is exactly what you think it is)

What motivates people on a daily basis is the sense that they are making progress; that is, they are regularly achieving small wins on their way to a meaningful goal.Oh, rats. I thought it was chocolate.That quote is from Bob Herbold's 'Gutsy Leadership Blog'.Of course achievement and progress are...
Phil Dourado's picture
By Phil Dourado Mar 8 2015

Speaking While Female: What happens when women speak up at work

Today's International Women's Day. Not that we need that as a reason to remind us all that there aren't enough women leaders (in official leadership positions I mean) and ask what you do about it every day to help change that.This is from LinkedInAdam GrantWharton professor and author of GIVE AND TA...
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By Zen Master Mar 6 2015

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, and become more, you are a leader."

I love humble leadership.Scott Edinger posted a blog on his new book 'The Hidden Leader'.Leadership can exist anywhere in a company, from individual contributors, front-line supervisors, or middle management—places we don’t tend to look for leaders.... Leaders believe that what they do matte...
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By Jim Taggart Mar 1 2015

Creating Win-Win through Interpersonal Leadership

How often have you felt that you’ve been in a win-lose situation at work, and where you were on the losing end? Wow, more hands than expected shot up.It doesn’t have to be that way. Indeed, to be blunt, it’s a pretty dumb concept for profit-driven companies to allow managers and leaders to oper...
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By Amelia Ranta Feb 26 2015

Thomas Carlyle Was Wrong, Leadership Is Communal Not Solitary

Communal leadership is not a well-known concept. In fact, you probably learned Thomas Carlyle’s approach to leadership. Carlyle — a Scottish historian, critic, and sociological writer — believed leadership to be a solitary task. It is only for people who know how to take charge, domin...