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By Jim Taggart Sep 1 2014

In Memory of a Leadership Pioneer – Warren Bennis

This summer saw one of the world’s most respected leadership experts depart our planet, heading off to join other past leadership giants. Warren Bennis died on July 31 at age 89. Growing up in a Jewish family in New Jersey, Bennis was only 18 when he enlisted in the U.S. Army, where as one of i...
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By Inspector Gadget Aug 28 2014

How Customers Really See Your Company: As One Person

On Twitter, brands are alive.The likes of Old Spice and Taco Bell are teasing each other in public, answering customer queries directly and cracking terrible jokes. It's a strange thing to see, but it's a clever piece of marketing: it turns the organization into one person the customer can interact...
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By Phil Dourado Aug 27 2014

'Who Inspires You?' Our Hub Competition Winner of July: "What Is The Reason?"

We have been getting some beautiful stories from Hub members about who their greatest inspiration is. We have a favourite story from July, who's won their free copy of 'Essentialism'. Please keep your stories coming; we'll be keeping the competition open and sending out more books. And the winner fo...
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By Jim Taggart Aug 25 2014

Crisis Leadership: Clarifying What Needs to be Done

Think of a time when you were under a lot of pressure with a very short deadline. I don’t mean being at Starbucks trying to decide on which decadent coffee you were debating on ordering. I mean serious pressure–and it doesn’t have to be necessarily work related. It could have been dealing with a med...
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By Phil Dourado Aug 22 2014

Only 13% of Employees Feel Engaged at Work. Richard Branson Has Some Advice.

This week from the Bearded Wonder:"Success in business is all about people, people, people. Whatever industry a company is in, its employees are its biggest competitive advantage. As Virgin Pulse CEO Chris Boyce said recently, “They’re the ones making the magic happen -- so long as their needs are...
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By Jim Taggart Aug 18 2014

Living and Leading on the Edge

This post takes a look at a new book that is joining the leadership field. Written by a respected leadership practitioner, it has arrived at a critical time for leaders who must contend with competing priorities and conflicting challenges, all the while trying to remain centered and focused on what...
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By Zen Master Aug 14 2014

Why Do We Set Goals?

Thank you Kevin Eikenberry for bringing this to the forefront of my reflections. Organizing brings peace of mind. Organizing my desk is my first step to inner peace. Which is why organizing the future is such common practise in business, with goal-setting. But setting goals can feel like an achievem...
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By Phil Dourado Aug 11 2014

Richard Branson on Why Creativity Grows With Experience

More wisdom from the Bearded Wonder. Here's a little test: try reading this description, and see if you know someone like this in your company."At almost every established company, there are employees who have been around for such a long time and are so good at their jobs that everyone else has a...
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By Jim Taggart Aug 11 2014

Do It with People, Not To Them: Share the Power

 It seems like almost yesterday when organizations in both the public and private sectors were pumped with such concepts as servant leadership, values and ethics, and shared (distributed) leadership. Indeed, your correspondent did his Master’s thesis in 1999 on shared leadership.Dateline: the N...
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By Jim Taggart Aug 4 2014

Will Gen Z be the Disruptive Generation?

  The media loves hyperbole. If there’s a way to spin a story or add drama to it, whether needlessly or not, the media has perfected the art. Examples abound so I won’t waste your time reciting well known instances.There’s a new storyline being developed now, but one that will take years t...