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By Jim Taggart Feb 23 2015

Leadership and the Responsible Use of Power

 The most effective leaders appear to exhibit a degree of versatility and flexibility that enables them to adapt their behavior to the changing and contradictory demands made on them. (The Leadership Handbook, Ralph Stogdill) It’s one thing for a leader to recognize the styles she sho...
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By The Architect Feb 22 2015

The Most Amazing Female Leaders that History Books Forgot

Great infographic that the guys over at Brighton School of Business Management shared with us.  Including Annie Smith Peck, Dr Elizabeth Blackwell, Mary Lou Williams, Sojourner Truth, Beatrice Potter Webb, Lilian Bland, Murasaki Shikibu, Nellie Bly, Ethel L. Payne and Anna Nzinga Mbandi. Click...
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By Walt's Frozen Head Feb 19 2015

"You are Putting on a Show Every Day"

I've been listening to Lee Cockerell's weekly podcasts. (I'm a head, after all. I'm all ears.)Lee is the writer of 'Creating Disney Magic', and knows full well what it takes to 'put on the show': to have everyone in your company working to make the customer's experience.1. It's In The DetailAt...
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By Jim Taggart Feb 15 2015

What Can Situational Leadership Teach Us?

 Leadership = InfluenceLeadership can be viewed as a process of influencing people. That’s no big revelation. However, the challenge arises when a leader wants to motivate her team or assist in their professional development and she must determine which leadership style to use.To read more, cli...
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By Amelia Ranta Feb 13 2015

Automate Your Personal Life- Focus on Leadership Part 2

Whether we realize it or not we are all leaders even if it is only of our own lives. In another article, I talk about the importance of automating your business to focus on leadership in your organization. This article will focus on how to automate parts of your personal life to focus on the more im...
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By Phil Dourado Feb 12 2015

The best way to get Creative is not to BREAK limits. It's...

... to embrace them. Okay, sounds like we're calling the Thought Police. 'Let's put constraint on creativity'. But funnily enough, when all the locks are broken, and you say to creative minds 'You can do ANYTHING you want', suddenly the mind falters at the limitless potential. Creativity truly...
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By Jim Taggart Feb 9 2015

Target’s Huge Fall and Exit from Canada: Five Leadership Lessons

There’s no question, or doubt, that reaching the pinnacle of a top leadership job in the corporate world, or the public sector for that matter, is for the most part something of which to be proud. Leading organizations in today’s volatile global economy and geo-political roller coaster of non-stop e...
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By Jim Taggart Feb 1 2015

The New Leadership Challenge: How to Deal with Uncertainty

When either thrust or eased into a leadership role, one of the outcomes is the leader being expected to have some, or even all, of the answers to problems facing the work team. As one moves up the organizational hierarchy, employees fully expect senior leaders to be purveyors of the future. And when...
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By Zen Master Jan 29 2015

"The issue is not the original commitment; it’s the infinite number of re-commitments."

What does it mean to be a Conscious Leader?To be engaged, present, and aware of what you are thinking and feeling. To be Mindful.Jim Dethmer's guest post on Dan McCarthy's Leading Blog has some down-to-earth advice about what it takes to be a conscious leader, in three steps with some choice quotes....
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By Jim Taggart Jan 26 2015

Discover Your Inner Leader: Reflections to Inspire and Motivate

1) Do you hesitate to make decisions and second guess the ones you do make? 2) Do you question your ability to motivate others and to create a team climate?3) Do you worry that others have more talent than you?If you answered yes to any of these questions, or even seemed unsure, then my newest...