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By Colin Scowen Jul 9 2008

Environment, Behaviour and Personality

Hi all,we were having a debate about this in our leadergroup, and, since both the other debatee's are also hub members, we agreed to post it up here, to see if there were any other additional opinions, or counter arguments. I expect that after a couple of replies, that they too will add their co...
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By Inspector Gadget Jul 7 2008

Leadership in Architecture: Dynamic buildings

Well, this is amazing. If part of leadership is not accepting the limits that make people just repeat what worked before, then this Mr. Fisher is a powerful leader in his field. What could your people come up with in your sector if they ignore custom and practice and think fresh like this; take the...
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By Kate Moor Jul 6 2008

7-Keys to Success

A free ebook for you from White Dove Books. You will find a number of great little books here including a couple from Napoleon Hill one of the most inspirational leaders and a man in some ways a head of his time. Enjoy.
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By Stephanie Tardrew Jul 5 2008

Wisdom from Kindergarten

"Comment writen" by, Stephanie ('Sandrit')"Preschool lessons in Life and Leadership":"BE FRIENDLY: be hospitable to others, even if they are nasty to youBE HONEST: don't taddle taleSTRANGER DANGER: don't be afraid, tell a GROWN UPSHARE: don't be selfishPL...
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By Anonymous Jul 4 2008

We Can Do Better

I’m going to take a break from the string of Edward Deming posts in order to tell you about an experience I had recently.I was riding home from my day job when I saw a sign on a neighbor’s lawn that read, “Want a painter that shows up? Call xxx-xxx-xxxx.”That’s it. That’s all it said. It didn’t even...
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By Stephanie Tardrew Jul 4 2008

"DECENDANT of GIANTS: The Tales of Sandrit's Seed", Renamed, editted and resubmitted, by original reviewauthor Stephanie(Sandrit)

"The following Quote and Review/Reflection from the New King James Version of the Cannonised Bible ( NKJV) Deuteronomy Chapter 5: verses 15 - 20, were sourced and written by Stephanie ('Sandrit'); Deuteronomy Chapter 5: 15 And remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt, and the LORD your Go...
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By Stephanie Tardrew Jul 4 2008


Job 12:22 He uncovers deep things out of darkness, And brings the shadow of death to light. Job 10:22 A land as dark as darkness [itself,] As the shadow of death, without any order, [Where] even the light [is] like darkness.' " Job 34:22 There is no darkness nor shadow of death Where the wo...
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By Robinson Roe Jul 4 2008

4th July - Independence Day for Some, Reflection time for this project

The challenge for this project is “getting things to add up”. It is relatively easy to produce measurements. We measure lots of things and can group them into the four quadrants of the balanced scorecard, but what does it mean? The hard part has been finding a way to measure the influence these mea...
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By Grant Yonge Jul 3 2008

Finally I've found it!

Hi everyone,Whilst I've led front line customer service teams for some time now, I consider myself relatively green on the Leadership front. I've recently taken on my first 'full blown' leadership role and find each day charged with fresh new challenges. One of my biggest challenge...
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By Jan Hirsch Jul 2 2008

Inspiration: The 10 Leadership principles from Dick Winters

From "Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters" (commander and leader of WWII 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division) By: Major Richard “Dick” Winters with Colonel Cole Kingseed Berkley Caliber Publishing Group, New York Leadership at the Point of the Bay...