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By Anonymous May 28 2008

Even a Schmuck Can Teach You Things

Here’s another one from Karen Salmansohn’s book, Ballsy: 99 Ways to Grow a Bigger Pair and Score Extreme Business Success. It’s tip number sixty...“Even a schmuck can teach you things…Defocus your anger at enemies. Refocus the lessons they generously teach you. In the end, you can learn just as much...
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By Ric Willmot May 27 2008

Tiger at Disney

I agreed with the article written about Rohde's experience of having to take the tiger into the Board to get them to consider his idea for Disney's Animal Kingdom. I have written a brief article on my blog mentioning this and putting a trackback to the article here on Leadership Hub for peop...
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By Walt's Frozen Head May 27 2008

Disney Innovation: Bring a Tiger into the Room to Make Bosses Experience what the Customer will Experience

How do you lead creatively when the bosses who make decisions are often too far removed from the marketplace to know what customers will want?Joe Rohde was an imagineer at Disney who was convinced that Disney should launch a new theme park called Animal Kingdom. Twice he presented a large, well-rese...
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By Phil Dourado May 25 2008

"Business is the best art" (Warhol). Great leaders create a compelling story. Here's an example.

I chaired a track session at European Customer Management World recently where part of my job was to interview Robert Stephens, founder of The Geek Squad. Here are a dozen learning points I jotted down from Robert on how to take a commoditized sector - IT service and repair - and create a cool, prof...
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By Shaun Smith May 25 2008

The One Thing I Learnt Last Week from Richard Branson

Last week I chaired day two of the European Conference on Customer Management in London. There are always hundreds of memorable learning points flying around at an event that features the likes of Stephen Covey, Richard Branson, Ken Blanchard, Dan Pink and Fred Reichheld. But, one Uber learning poin...
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By Kate Moor May 24 2008

What drives what – a motivated can-do culture or business performance?

This has been a thought-provoking and challenging week but it prompted me to think about the above question.  Do you have to change the culture from pessimistic and negative (and thinking about Steve Simpson's UGR) to a motivated can do culture before you can drive sustainable business performa...
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By The Story Teller May 22 2008

Book Club: 29 Leadership Secrets From Jack Welch

Nick McCormick's post on 'Unmanagement' got me thinking that there is a popular view of Jack Welch as a domineering, strong-willed leader who imposed himself on GE and shaped it in his often ruthless image, with a 'shape up or ship out' culture. "Well, up to a point, Lord Co...
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By Inspector Gadget May 22 2008

Website I like: Mental Floss

I like some of the blogs in this website as they approach the world from an odd angle, which is good stimulation for getting your brain to think differently and innovatively. And it's entertaining at the same time.  
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By Steve Simpson May 21 2008

A different angle on corporate culture - introducing UGRs

If you would like to access an article on unwritten ground rules or 'UGRs', there is one attached. Hope you find it of value.RegardsSteve S
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By Steve Simpson May 21 2008

The way we really do things around here...

Want to know what's really preventing people from achieving - go no further than your 'UGRs®'. UGRs, or 'unwritten ground rules' are people's perceptions of 'this is the way we do things around here'. They drive people's performance yet they are rarely if ever tal...