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By Anonymous Apr 30 2008

Blue Ocean Strategy – Fair Process

In their book, Blue Ocean Strategy, W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne address the difficulties of implementing strategy of any kind – blue, red, or any other color for that matter. They maintain that “fair practice” is the key variable that distinguishes successful strategic moves from those that have...
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By Servant Leader Apr 29 2008

Nice quote on Servant Leadership

I took a look at the Tom Peters quote for the day thing that The Architect recommended and today's is perfect for me. See what you think:"Organizations exist to serve. Period.Leaders live to serve. Period".- Tom Peters(If you click on the link you can sign up to his Thought For The Day).
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By The Architect Apr 29 2008

Leadership is...(according to the ex-CEO of Southwest Airlines)

"Leadership is defining and communicating the mission; providing guidance as to how it might be accomplished; equipping people with the proper tools (information, training, etc.); motivating and inspiring through selfless dedication and respect for others; providing both positive and negative f...
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By The Architect Apr 28 2008

Tom Peters on Authentic Leadership

"It's up to each of us alone to figure out who we are, who we are not, and to act more or less consistently with those conclusions." - Tom PetersI like that. It's from Tom Peters' 'Thought For The Day', which you can sign up to as a daily email here: Tom Peters site
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By Anonymous Apr 23 2008

Blue Ocean Strategy - Motivation for Implementation

In their book, Blue Ocean Strategy, W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne talk about how to motivate the troops to execute a strategy. They discourage the traditional approach of creating grand strategic visions propagated by massive top-down mobilization initiatives that are very expensive and usually on...
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By Inspector Gadget Apr 20 2008

Be Inspired: The ibot. The wheelchair that stands up and climbs stairs

If leadership is partly about freeing people from limitations so they can go onto become leaders, too, this is inspiring: Johnson& Johnson's iBot, which re-invents the wheelchair into something else: it allows you to climb stairs, play basketball, talk to people at eye level, go whereve...
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By Kate Moor Apr 20 2008

From Myths and Legends

Like many thousands of people I have a long standing passion for myths and legends and my favourite centres on the stories of King Arthur and The Knights of the Roundtable. I have spent many hours lost in legend, as well as having the pleasure of personally visiting places mentioned in the dozens...
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By Jason Cowsill Apr 19 2008

Get Of Me Butt

Well, it's been a long time coming but I finally decided to start focusing on doing the right thing for me and making a contribution.I'm working for a joint venture as part of 2 multinational, multi-billion dollar organisations which are going through absolute turmoil right now with no signs of it a...
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By Phil Dourado Apr 17 2008

April 17th 1970: Houston, we no longer have a problem. Leadership Lessons from Apollo 13

A lot of leadership lessons have come out of NASA over the years Teamwork and Innovation Leadership and innovation consultants often remind their clients that NASA would get two teams to compete on coming up with an innovative solution to a problem and that the competitive element accelerated the in...
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By Anonymous Apr 16 2008

Larry Bossidy on Leadership

In his book, Execution, Larry Bossidy mentions that Leadership is not about strategizing and creating vision then dispensing it on managers to do the grunt work. Leadership is not about presiding. Leadership is about being actively involved in the business. To Read more, click here.