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By Sarah Anderson Apr 11 2008

Advice on Setting Up Thought Leadership

Would appreciate any advice on setting up 'Thought Leadership' within a Marketing Services agency in APAC with a focus towards non traditional marketing i.e. Brand Activation, Shopper Marketing vs advertising.  What are the common pitfalls.  What level of investment might be required.  How d...
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By Anonymous Apr 11 2008

Martelli's 10 To Take With You

Phil Martelli, coach of St. Joseph's University men's basketball team, closes his book, Don't Call Me Coach, with the following "lesson plan for life." 10 principles from the "hardwood to the hard world."Click here for more.
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By Inspector Gadget Apr 9 2008

The end of hierachy. And what that means for leadership

Phil Dourado asked me to post this as he is too much of a techno-idiot ;0)I don't completely get all the slides in this pecha kucha from Jurriaan Mous, but enough of the images ring true to me, and I love slide 14 on Workplace 2.0 with the guy sitting on top of the filing cabinet. Order from apparen...
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By Phil Dourado Apr 9 2008

Entertain Me: If Jack Nicholson were your customer

I once heard the late, great Fred Newell use this diner scene from the Jack Nicholson movie Five Easy Pieces to illustrate how customers want 'it' (whatever your 'it' is) their way, and that you have to lead a customer-focussed organization completely differently from traditional leadership, to prev...
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By Zen Master Apr 9 2008

Thought from The Zen Garden: Anger. Tolerance. Humility.

Anger is weakness. Tolerance is bravery. Humility makes you strong.  
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By Anonymous Apr 8 2008

Performance Appraisals - No Weaknesses?

In Larry Bossidy's book, Execution, Larry offers up the following comment on performance appraisals.“If you have a boss that gives you an evaluation and doesn’t have anything to say about your weaknesses, go back and get some additional information from them. Otherwise you are not learning anyth...
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By Anonymous Apr 7 2008

Interview with Nick McCormick on the Team Approach's Meet the Author Series

Tune in to an interview with Nick McCormick on The Team Approach's Meet the Author Series on May 30th from 11:00am to 12:00pm EST. Click here to register.
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By Phil Dourado Apr 6 2008

Center For Creative Leadership Research: What should leadership look like today?

Hub Member Kate has asked us if it's time for a new model of leadership and what it should look like if so. Our friends at The Center for Creative Leadership have been researching this. Four of their papers below in particular - 'What's Next?', 'Leadership and The Triple Bottom Line', 'Ten Trends'...
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By The Architect Apr 6 2008

Distributed Leadership: An example in action

One of our newest members works at Satyam in Northern California. Satyam's founder was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year in 2007. Satyam follow a model of distributed leadership in which founder Ramalinga Raju says his job is to create leaders, not followers. Other organizations a...
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By Mike Eldon Apr 4 2008

Leadership notes from Kenya: Lederach on Reconcilation

The meeting of Peace and JusticeMike Eldon - The Dan Eldon Place of Tomorrow (The Depot - )In the last few weeks here in Kenya we have got ourselves into the extraordinary situation whereby if we speak of peace we’re obviously pro-Kibaki, whereas if we call for justice we must be...