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By Anonymous Mar 17 2008

Conversations That Matter

 Hi Guys One area in which I have been exploring with myself and  groups over the last 18 monts or so is the impact of the right conversations in the creation of change, culture and impact. A question that has stimulated some great discussion is: Think about conversations that take place i...
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By Anonymous Mar 17 2008

Coaching Directs

I was over on the Manager Tools website and listened to a podcast on the importance of coaching direct reports. The hosts explain some of the reasons managers seem to have an aversion toward coaching. They dispel the myth that it takes a tremendous amount of time. According to them, all it takes is...
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By Kate Moor Mar 16 2008

Follow The Wise.....

He who knows not and knows not he knows not, he is a fool - shun him. He who knows not and knows he knows not, he is simple - teach him. He who knows and knows not he knows, he is asleep - awaken him. He who knows and knows that he knows, he is wise - follow him. Arabia
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By Kate Moor Mar 16 2008

Spiritual Leadership

More and more people are speaking out about the importance of change; the importance of taking into account the impact we have on our environment, decreasing our reliance on (and use of) fossil fuels, stopping the rape of our earths’ other natural resources and the impact we as a result have on our...
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By David Straker Mar 15 2008

Changing Minds Group: The different kinds of Followership and how they help define Leadership

The nature of leadership can perhaps be best understood by turning the coin over and studying followership. Why do people follow leaders? If we can understand this, then we will be a long way down the road to creating those followers and hence becoming an effective leader. People don't just...
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By David Straker Mar 15 2008

Useful Websites: TED and RSA Brilliant set of lecture videos from the annual TED conference, including many from well known folks, such as Bezos, Branson, Dawkins, Goleman, etc. Also try the RSA site: Check out the lectures -- many are also available after as podcasts. :D
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By Phil Dourado Mar 15 2008

Book Club: True North, by Bill George

This review is now part of the Hub Book Club which you can view here » 60 Second Summary Leadership is about what makes you different; there is no perfect model of a leader Stop trying to act like a leader; think ‘leadership’ not ‘leader’ There are five dimensions of authentic leadership: Purpose;...
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By Zen Master Mar 15 2008

Thought From The Zen Garden: What Lies Within

What Lies Within"What lies behind usand what lies before usare tiny matterscompared towhat lies within us."Quite a useful thought as we all gear up to lead through tougher economic conditions.More like this: Thought For The Day Website
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By Yezhong Wang Mar 14 2008

Join the leadershiphub

 Today,I found theleadershipHub from  amazon discussion on leadership,and read the introduction about leadershiphub.l like the think.perhaps my main hope for the hub is to know the community moreover.
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By Peter Cook Mar 14 2008

HR Leadership Conference Scotland

Hi all,Here's a link to an HR Leadership conference write up in Scotland.  Good input from Royal Bank of Scotland.P.S. The Ferrari is NOT mine!