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By Anonymous Jun 12 2008

Ice Breakers

When getting together with a group of people for a meeting or a training class, it’s often good to do a warm-up exercise to allow the attendees to get to know one another, and to clear their minds of distractions prior to focusing on the task at hand.In his book, The Teamwork Handbook, Peter Scholte...
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By Gregory Ferris Jun 11 2008

Creating The Post-Heroic Organization

I have been developing a post-heroic organization model. I would like to dialogue with the group for insights and applications Thank you Gregory Ferris
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By Peter Cook Jun 11 2008

You ain't seen nothin' yet

Cameo performance by cult punk rocker John Otway with Peter Cook at the 'aftershow' of a Corporate Conference on career management (and mismanagement in Otway's case!) N JOY! Peter  
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By Phil Dourado Jun 11 2008

Book Review: How to lead like Richard Branson, from his book 'Losing My Virginity'

OK, this isn't actually a review. It's nine mini lessons in 'how to lead like Branson' culled from his book Losing My Virginity. The more  I read about him and hear about him, the more I think the rest of us over-complicate this leadership stuff. As he says, it's not as complicated and lofty as...
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By The Story Teller Jun 11 2008

Abraham Lincoln and the folded piece of paper

This is from Robert K. Cooper’s great book The Other 90%. It’s a story about Abraham Lincoln that tells us a) how we all need acknowledgement and praise to bolster our confidence (even Lincoln did) and b) how great leaders are out there where their employees and customers are, not locked away in a h...
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By Joe Espana Jun 10 2008

Book Review: The Wisdom of Teams, Creating the high performance organization, by Jon Katzenbach

Most team development work focuses on teambuilding. But Jon Katzenbach and colleagues show in this book how commitment to performance goals and common purpose are more important to team success than team building. Very useful book for broadening your understanding of what makes teams work beyond the...
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By Joe Espana Jun 10 2008

How to lead in a downturn: a four-page pdf

I've added my latest quarterly newsletter to this 'Document Exchange' area of The Hub, in the hope it is of use to you. Its theme is how to strengthen your leadership in a downturn. As a lot of leaders are facing this situation at the moment - leading through more difficult trading condi...
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By jay orongan Jun 9 2008

Help Me

Hi guys, am Jay Orongan of the Philippines. Currently i am a teacher here and also the Student Council adviser. I would like to ask you guys because you are all experts here when it comes to leadership. 1. How would I make my Student Leaders be a responsible citizen of the community?2. Help me make...
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By The Architect Jun 8 2008

Book Club: Summary of Blue Ocean Strategy

There's another slideshare in The Hub here which acts as a good introduction to W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne's book Blue Ocean Strategy. The one below dives rather deeper into it, so might best be read or viewed second, if you follow me. | View | Upload your own
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By Phil Dourado Jun 6 2008

How to Create Heroes at Work

"Heroes don't have a special personality. They are not more compassionate, more altruistic, more or less of anything. They are simply people that in a particular situation where most people, observing something bad, do nothing, then the hero is the one who steps out of the crowd and challenges the d...