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10 Leadership Tips from Jack Welch

By Phil Dourado Mar 5 2008
A large number of credible commentators call him the most successful CEO of modern times. He turned Edison's company, General Electric, from a $13 billion to a $400+ billion turnover company. His gruff way of expressing himself and his early reputation as 'Neutron Jack' when he began leading GE by...
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Tom Peters – “Brand You”

By Anonymous Mar 4 2008
In his book Talent, Tom Peters exhorts the readers to create their own personal brand -- their "Brand You." We are free agents in the knowledge economy - no longer slaves of the cubicle. Personal Brand Equity Evaluation He includes an exercise called the “Personal Brand Equity Evaluation,” which is...
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The 'how' of changing culture and minds...and how people behave

By Aidan Halligan Mar 2 2008
Attached is a pdf with some thoughts in from a series of four pieces written for the British Journal of Healthcare Management. Hope you find some useful ideas in it. Here's the front page abstract:REDISCOVERING LOST VALUES Professor Aidan Halligan, director of Elision Health A series of four article...
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Book Club: The Secret Language of Leadership by Stephen Denning

By Simon Butler Mar 1 2008
I have just finished a great book called "The Secret Language of Leadership" by Stephen Denning. This is his latest volume of the theme of great leaders tell great stories. Denning, you may already be aware is an ex VP of World Bank, who headed up their knowledge/Learning function.This boo...
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What Great Leaders Do. Examples from the book It's Your Ship

By Phil Dourado Feb 29 2008
Some extracts from Mike Abrashoff's book It's Your Ship: Management Techniques From The Best Damn Ship In The Navy. One of, if not the, best book(s) by a leadership practitioner I have come across. Highly recommended for leaders at all levels. See attachment link, below, for the Word documen...
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Gadgets for Leaders: That Macbook in an envelope and Steve Jobs

By Inspector Gadget Feb 28 2008
OK, I'll promise to write a post soon about important leadership technology like leadership simulators and MIT's System Dynamics and stuff like that. But, at the moment I want to write about putting laptops in envelopes.Did you see Steve Jobs do it to prove how light and thin the new MacBook...
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Gadgets for Leaders: My Blackberry keeps calling the emergency services

By Inspector Gadget Feb 28 2008
Well, I like my Blackberry Pearl, as it looks like a phone but is really a Blackberry. But, do I really? I mean, I don't want people to think I'm ostentatiously 'Blackberrying' when I use the keyboard on a train. But, I'm a bit concerned now they might think I'm just texting...
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What matters most to you as a leader

By Peter Cook Feb 28 2008
Just for fun, here's a link to a web forum which discusses the various merits of owning a Ferrari versus a limited edition guitar or other transient pleasures such as seeing a pretty woman. It is a light-hearted forum of the websit...
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Leadership and Education

By Peter Cook Feb 28 2008
I attended the RSA last night and heard from Raymond Simon - Deputy Secretary of Education about how the US Govt is trying to make learning a priority for EVERYONE in the 21st Century.  Also attended by Michael Barber, Adviser to Tony Blair on Education Strategy for New Labour. I must say that the s...
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Managers Set the Example

By Anonymous Feb 28 2008
Covey calls it modeling. Most just call it setting an example. Wally Bock's has a great post on his 3 Star Leadership Blog about how leaders don't always set the best example. His father told him, "Remember, son, everyone is put here by God for a purpose. Some are to serve as horrible examples." Unf...