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By Phil Dourado Jun 6 2008

How to Create Heroes at Work

"Heroes don't have a special personality. They are not more compassionate, more altruistic, more or less of anything. They are simply people that in a particular situation where most people, observing something bad, do nothing, then the hero is the one who steps out of the crowd and challenges the d...
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By simon cannon Jun 6 2008

The Leader's Voice Group: How to give a great speech (Part 1)

Here's part 1 of a five-part series of short tips on how to give a great leadership speech. Next week, Setting The Tone, then Commanding The Stage, Preparing To Speak, and Speaking With Impact. This series of tips is based on our work here at Professional Voice. To subscribe to our monthly newsl...
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By Phil Dourado Jun 5 2008

Book Club: The Leadership Crash Course by Paul Taffinder

I didn't like this book when I first read it - found it too, er, systematic and consequently rather dull. BUT, I just re-read it and found a lot of useful stuff in it, and didn't find it dull at all. This reminded me that our reactions to a book and what we take from it can be as much dependent on o...
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By The Architect Jun 5 2008

Entertain Me: The most inspiring thing ever said?

It's only a fourteen second clip... 
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By Zen Master Jun 5 2008

Thought From The Zen Garden: You can never get enough

There is a common, often 40-something, feeling of dissatisfaction among highly successful corporate leaders. It's because old-style leadership and the accumulation of power and wealth that goes with it doesn't fulfill everyone. It does some. But, increasingly, not all.  And here's why: "Yo...
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By Anonymous Jun 3 2008

Haagen-Dazs Theory on Productivity

Here’s another excerpt from Karen Salmansohn’s book, Ballsy: 99 Ways to Grow a Bigger Pair and Score Extreme Business Success. It’s tip number forty-three... “As you know, it doesn’t take discipline to eat spoonful after spoonful of Haagen-Dazs. You can bet that nobody will ever say to you, “Wow, lo...
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By The Architect Jun 2 2008

Inspire Me: The pursuit of Happiness. New findings from Harvard Business School

Over at Harvard they have discovered that giving money away makes you happy. A lot of leaders get into leadership positions at the top of organizations almost as an accidental by-product of their own determination to advance their career and income. Getting to the top, being in charge, earning more...
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By Ailsa Kaye Jun 2 2008

June 3rd Onsite Insights Event - It’s Not Magic! Creating the optimum Customer Experience at Woburn Safari Park

Attendees of this event can use the comment link, below, to share their insights and learning from the event, ask questions, seek follow-up information and so on.Notes from the event will be put here soon to spark off that conversation. ABOUT THIS EVENT Onsite Insights have teamed up with speciali...
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By Robinson Roe Jun 1 2008

June 2nd - Gone Missing

Sorry folks for having “gone missing”. Yes the architext is right I have been sucked back into my daily work. Added to this I went back to Uni part-time doing a Masters in Management (Strategic Foresight). In this course we are exploring models like Clare Graves’ Spiral Dynamics, Ken Wilber’s Integr...
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By Inspector Gadget Jun 1 2008

Inspire Me: Ten ideas that could change the world

Fast Company has an inspiring slideshow on Saatchi & Saatchi's competition for ten ideas that could change the world. The winner of the $100,000  award is this (see image) - The Lifestraw; a portable, personal water purification device. Its resin interior filters out close to 100% of all...