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Leadership competencies or style?

By Joe Espana Feb 14 2008
I was very grateful and interested to see some of the comments added to my last posting, and the whole subject really got me thinking further.  So I did a bit of reading.The Adam Applegarth example probably isn't isolated - think Enron - but where my thinking and reading had lead me is to the be...
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BOOK CLUB: Our Iceberg Is Melting, by John Kotter

By Phil Dourado Feb 14 2008
It's not often that you see a man claimed by some to be the world's greatest expert on leadership sitting next to a penguin. Professor John Kotter is particularly famous for his Eight Step Change Framework for leading largescale change. There's a summarised version of the Eight Steps att...
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The Arrogance of Success?

By Joe Espana Feb 12 2008
Browsing the web on news stories about the Northern Rock leadership I came across this snippet from the telegraph written at the end of last year about Adam Applegartth the then CEO."He had a habit of asking people who their top five fast bowlers were," said one observer. "And when they gave their o...
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The Power of Powerlessness

By Anonymous Feb 12 2008
In Tom Peters’ book, Talent, he talks about the power of powerlessness. Often times we believe we can’t do something because we don’t have the power. Tom reminds us that “getting things done is not about formal power or rank. It is ultimately about passion, imagination, and persistence.” To read mor...
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Financial Times today

By Peter Cook Feb 11 2008
There's a letter in today's FT concerning music and marketing. Attached below Peter
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Website - I like

By Kate Moor Feb 10 2008
We are not all born natural and effective thinkers but to be good leaders we need to develop how to be effective thinkers. This site is worth a look. it is certainly worth registering and taking the first 10 lessons. Kate
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Lifting the Bar in 2008

By Kate Moor Feb 10 2008
As an organisation, my team largely achieved all of their objectives in 2007.  We delivered on our projects within acceptable tolerances; budget and timeline (there were a number of significant regional systems upgrades).  We meet all financial objectives; not an easy task in a Shared Services Organ...
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Challenge # 6 – Continuous Improvement Momentum

By Kate Moor Feb 10 2008
So many projects that seek to drive quality initiatives and continuous improvement fail.   If you look back over the past decade or so there have been many great initiatives and systems launched from Quality Circles to more rigorous systems such as Demming’s approach and of more recent times Six Sig...
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Podcast: The Meaning of Leadership

By The Architect Feb 9 2008
A podcast from the London Business School that makes us step back and think about the meaning of leadership. Faculty from LBS throw up some challenging thoughts such as how our views of leadership are formed by archetypes, myths and legends, such as "The journey of the hero." "What do...
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Podcast: Gary Hamel on the OTHER hierarchy

By Inspector Gadget Feb 9 2008
Professor Gary Hamel says Maslow's well-known hierarchy of needs is not enough to analyse how we work anymore. In this podcast for the Times Online, strategist and author of The Future of Management, Professor Gary Hamel, explains how we need a hierarchy of human capability. Here's the exist...