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By Richard Cooke Apr 15 2008

Hijacked In Cyber-Space

I’d be very interested to learn how many others experience this phenomenon. Periodically, I will come to my office intent on doing only the smallest of tasks and then moving on or out, and for a series of almost inexplicable reasons the cyber world strikes back and I encounter one little fault (perh...
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By Zen Master Apr 14 2008

Inspiring start to the week: sing somebody else's song

I found this inspiring, compared to the examples of leadership we have been experiencing lately in countries from Zimbabwe to China. It's from TED and is to focus attention on their Pangea day - one world day - on May 10th. I think 'Pangea' was the word for the one continent that was t...
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By Josie Daughrity Apr 13 2008


 I do nothing but go about persuading you all, old and young alike, not to take thought for your persons or your properties, but and chiefly to care about the greatest improvement of the spirit and soul. I tell you that virtue is not given by money, but that from virtue comes money and every other g...
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By Phil Dourado Apr 13 2008

More Leadership Articles: on Charisma, Love, Intuition, Decision-making, Mistakes

A number of Hub members have asked recently "Where are the leadership articles?" So, here are some links to a site called Leadership Articles. If you have some good leadership articles on your own site, or you know a site you want to recommend, do please post the link into, maybe, your le...
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By Kate Moor Apr 13 2008

The Four Reliances

Budda Wisdom - it is the truth of the teaching which is all-important, and never the personality of the teacher. Rely on the message of the teacher, not on his personality;Rely on the meaning, not just on the words; Rely on the real meaning, not on the provisional one;Rely on your wisdom mind, not o...
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By Phil Dourado Apr 12 2008

Useful read: Interesting Leadership Articles

One of our members, Richard Cooke of I-Change, has some interesting leadership articles on his website. Here are links to them. He also has a great blog post in his leadership diary in The Hub about the value of doing nothing: Intersting Leadership Article links Sounding Board: The Value of a Soundi...
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By Richard Cooke Apr 12 2008

Busy Doing Nothing

As you are aware Change is all about people, and it starts with us. This is an exploration of some of the ideas and issues that I've encountered along the way. I've created this also to enable a dialogue to begin around this subject and hopefully produce a forum where we can all learn something. Bus...
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By Dayin Kiatkwankul Apr 11 2008

Being a leader, you need to give respect

Last week, I just had a unexpected experience that I thought it was good to share with some of my friends especially for those who work in the management position. How can a leader prove himself to his subordinates? I think one thing that he needs to do is to give respect to his subordinates. And I...
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By Sarah Anderson Apr 11 2008

Advice on Setting Up Thought Leadership

Would appreciate any advice on setting up 'Thought Leadership' within a Marketing Services agency in APAC with a focus towards non traditional marketing i.e. Brand Activation, Shopper Marketing vs advertising.  What are the common pitfalls.  What level of investment might be required.  How d...
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By Anonymous Apr 11 2008

Martelli's 10 To Take With You

Phil Martelli, coach of St. Joseph's University men's basketball team, closes his book, Don't Call Me Coach, with the following "lesson plan for life." 10 principles from the "hardwood to the hard world."Click here for more.