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By Anonymous Mar 26 2008

Lead well and Prosper: Strategy 7. Set Goals, Plan, and execute

 If you can't wait and want to jump ahead, all 15 strategies are available as a free download of learning cards from my website. The cards are adapted from my book Lead Well and Prosper. You can find both cards and book here: Be Good Ventures
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By Phil Dourado Mar 26 2008

Do you Make Pens or Help Children Learn to Write: What's Your Higher Purpose?

I was just browsing new members of The Hub and clicking on their websites to see where they come from, when I came across lincpen. 'OK', I thought. 'They make pens... Pretty stylish pens, I guess, but just pens...and other writing stuff. And they're based in India.' Then, as I was about to flick bac...
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By Shaun Smith Mar 25 2008

Virgin Atlantic: How to lead the creation of a Customer Experience

Leading the creation of a unique Customer Experience is a whole new ball game for most leaders. Here's an example to help you conceptualize it and embed how you are going to lead your organization in a way that creates a unique and defining Customer Experience (instead of just focussing on the old,...
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By Naga Krovidi Peri Mar 25 2008

Information on a regions commodity market - feel good factor.

Hi Everybody, Over the weekend, I filled up my car's fuel tank, and I thought fuel has become really expensive after the recent price hike. But then I compared it with other common liquids and did some quick calculations, and I felt a little better. To know why, see the results below .You'll...
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By Anonymous Mar 25 2008

Phil Martelli on Teamwork

Phil Martelli, coach of St. Joseph University men’s basketball team, wrote a book recently called, Don’t Call Me Coach: A Lesson Plan for Life. In it he lists the pillars required for creating teamwork.  Compete ShareTake your shot when it comesKnow your strengths and weaknessesTo read more, cl...
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By Nigel Crabb Mar 23 2008

Master of Arts in Organisational Leadership

Participating in the Master of Arts in Organisational Leadership ( takes you on a personal and professional journey offering a safe environment in which to learn, reflect and practice the art of leadership. The program offers the opportunity to dialog and work, in an intimate setting, w...
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By Walt's Frozen Head Mar 23 2008

Mickey's Ten Commandments and how they apply to leadership

It occurs to me these 'Ten Commandments' that my head of imagineering, Marty Sklar, came up with a few years ago, apply largely (though not entirely) to how to lead as well as how to run a compelling guest experience. you can map most of these rules onto your leadership practice. What do you think?...
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By Inspector Gadget Mar 23 2008

Joseph Juran's Four Human Obstacles to Quality (Juran died last week aged 103!)

Joseph Juran who, along with W Edwards Deming, was invited to Japan in 1954 and 1950 respectively to teach Japanese managers about quality and statistical process control respectively, and who is widely-seen as the father of the Japanese domination of global manufacturing in the late 1970s and throu...
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By Manuela Hernandez Mar 22 2008

Personal Leadership: the missing link in college education?

This is my first diary entry. I am a lecturer in an internationally oriented college in the Netherlands. In the pasts months I have taken the step to co-design a training course called "personal leadership in a professional perspective". This training is aimed at students in their early...
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By Kate Moor Mar 22 2008

Is it Time for a 'new' Leadership Model?

Throughout our history we have endured many cycles. We are currently going through yet another revolution. What is underway now is a revolution which is comparable to the agricultural revolution of the late Neolithic and the more recent industrial revolution followed rapidly by the technology revo...