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By Zen Master May 19 2008

Thought From The Zen Garden: Is this Leadership?

This just arrived in my in-box as a description of the need to look for 'goodness' underlying everything that happens each day. I think it's a description of leadership (at least in part). Think 'leadership' as you are reading this and you may agree with me that what is desribed here is a big part o...
Kate Moor's picture
By Kate Moor May 18 2008

Understanding and Managing Change and Leadership Application

I spent a very rewarding few days with my leadership team in Malaysia this past week.    We were focusing on the transitional change required to move from a green field start-up to a business as usual environment.  This is no easy task, particularly when the leadership team are young (home grown) an...
Phil Dourado's picture
By Phil Dourado May 15 2008

Inspire Me: Putin keeps his chair in the Kremlin, while Gorbachev got rid of Stalin's

An interesting little story on Reuter's 'Oddly Enough' news site: Though Vladimir Putin is no longer officially President of Russia, he kept his chair at the first Kremlin meeting in which his protoge, Medvedev, replaced him as President. Putin went to sit in the presidential chair, paus...
Phil Dourado's picture
By Phil Dourado May 15 2008

Book Club: Charles Handy's 'Myself and Other More Important Matters'

Charles Handy has been described as one of the world's leading writers on management and leadership. Where other gurus offer glib answers, Handy has always specialised in helping us question what our organizations are for; how best to structure them; how work fits into life and what our driving...
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By Inspector Gadget May 15 2008

Entertain Me: Savage Chickens on Leadership

More Savage Chickens here:
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By Anonymous May 15 2008

Be Like a Cockroach. Refuse to Die!

In her book, Ballsy: 99 Ways to Grow a Bigger Pair and Score Extreme Business Success, Karen Salmansohn's tip number three is as follows...<<You must keep this image of a cockroach in mind whenever you are out there selling your widgets to the world. No matter how many times you get spraye...
Marshall Goldsmith's picture
By Marshall Goldsmith May 14 2008

Member Events: May 20th; Patricia Wheeler & Marshall Goldsmith invite you to a free teleforum

Marshall Goldsmith and Patricia Wheeler invite you to a Thought Leader Teleforumon Tuesday May 20th at noon Eastern time. Please join us for a conversation with Executive Coach Patricia Wheeler and Institute of Executive Development founder Scott Saslow, focused on "Success and Failure in Exe...
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By Anonymous May 13 2008


In the soon to be released book by Randy Boek, Kathleen Goodman, and Lisa Haneberg called, Undo Before You Become Undone the term “unmanagement” is introduced as follows… <<Imagine that you were in charge of wooing a big client to your firm. This client would generate a significant revenue str...
Katarina Kurajdova's picture
By Katarina Kurajdova May 9 2008

The very best of you

Can you offer the best of you? Click on attached link - scroll to the very bottom of the page and last video is the one, which is highly motivating. Would you be able to do such a thing?Did you experience something similar? or, have you been told about similar strongly motivating situation? Share w...
Gayathri Raghavan's picture
By Gayathri Raghavan May 6 2008

Mentoring/Coaching - Advice on Managing Employee Aspirations

Hi, What happens when an employee is promised a promotion and then told that it is "not happening" now? Here are a couple of employees in the company who were promised a promotion by the manager a year ago. Now told by the manager that due to non availability of a role in the next level,...