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By Katarina Kurajdova May 9 2008

The very best of you

Can you offer the best of you? Click on attached link - scroll to the very bottom of the page and last video is the one, which is highly motivating. Would you be able to do such a thing?Did you experience something similar? or, have you been told about similar strongly motivating situation? Share w...
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By Gayathri Raghavan May 6 2008

Mentoring/Coaching - Advice on Managing Employee Aspirations

Hi, What happens when an employee is promised a promotion and then told that it is "not happening" now? Here are a couple of employees in the company who were promised a promotion by the manager a year ago. Now told by the manager that due to non availability of a role in the next level,...
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By Anonymous May 6 2008

Celebrate the 100th Blog Post of "Joe and Wanda on Management" and Win a Free Book

Well, it’s hard to believe, but this is Joe and Wanda’s one hundredth post. To celebrate, we’ll be giving away a free copy of Lead Well and Proper (the book that put Joe and Wanda on the map) to 5 random guests who comment on the post. Click here to check out an interview with Joe and Wanda and shar...
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By Anonymous May 3 2008

Lead Well & Prosper. Strategy 8: Learn

If you can't wait and want to jump ahead, all 15 strategies are available as a free download of learning cards from my website. The cards are adapted from my book Lead Well and Prosper. You can find both cards and book here: Be Good Ventures
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By Peter Cook May 2 2008

Riffs and Myths of Creativity

Here's a little You Tube video we made to virally market the book 'Sex, Leadership and Rock'n'Roll. Feel free to tell others in your network about it if you like the ideas contained within the 3 minute video piece. Peter Video Link
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By Peter Cook May 2 2008

What can we learn from David Bowie about Entrepreneurship and Operations Management?

Here's a little You Tube Video we made to promote Sex, Leadership and Rock'n'Roll. It concerns the faintly surreal scenario of a David Bowie Fan Convention where the lyrics of his song Ziggy Stardust are reinterpreted for a Business Audience. Link to the video
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By Sheryl Tullis May 2 2008

Sideline Super Bowl MVP

Who has the football from the last pass Brett Farve threw in his NFL career?  And a new Super Bowl ring? It's the person credited with leading the Giants to the Super Bowl after a turn-around season.  And he never made a single play -- just a motivational speech. LTC Greg Gadson, my West Point c...
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By Anonymous May 1 2008

Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done

As the title suggests, the book focuses on execution. Bossidy states that there are oodles of books on strategy, but there are precious few on Execution – thus his reason for writing the book, along with the advisor to CEOs, Ram Charan. After all, the best strategy in the world isn’t worth a dime un...
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By Anonymous Apr 30 2008

Blue Ocean Strategy – Fair Process

In their book, Blue Ocean Strategy, W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne address the difficulties of implementing strategy of any kind – blue, red, or any other color for that matter. They maintain that “fair practice” is the key variable that distinguishes successful strategic moves from those that have...
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By Servant Leader Apr 29 2008

Nice quote on Servant Leadership

I took a look at the Tom Peters quote for the day thing that The Architect recommended and today's is perfect for me. See what you think:"Organizations exist to serve. Period.Leaders live to serve. Period".- Tom Peters(If you click on the link you can sign up to his Thought For The Day).