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By Peter Cook Feb 28 2008

What matters most to you as a leader

Just for fun, here's a link to a web forum which discusses the various merits of owning a Ferrari versus a limited edition guitar or other transient pleasures such as seeing a pretty woman. It is a light-hearted forum of the websit...
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By Peter Cook Feb 28 2008

Leadership and Education

I attended the RSA last night and heard from Raymond Simon - Deputy Secretary of Education about how the US Govt is trying to make learning a priority for EVERYONE in the 21st Century.  Also attended by Michael Barber, Adviser to Tony Blair on Education Strategy for New Labour. I must say that the s...
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By Anonymous Feb 28 2008

Managers Set the Example

Covey calls it modeling. Most just call it setting an example. Wally Bock's has a great post on his 3 Star Leadership Blog about how leaders don't always set the best example. His father told him, "Remember, son, everyone is put here by God for a purpose. Some are to serve as horrible examples." Unf...
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By The Architect Feb 27 2008

The Future of Leadership Development. Wiki schools or ATMs? Professor Jonathan Gosling

In the attached paper, Professor Jonathan Gosling, who runs the Leadership Centre at University of Exeter in the UK, explains why Business School courses aren't enough to develop managers and leaders, and that we need a new model - 'wiki schools', in which we learn from each other - versus the ATM m...
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By zarah me Feb 25 2008

Principle-Centered Leadership ~ Dr. Stephen R. Covey

Finished listening to Stephen Covey's Principle-Centered Leadership. This is going to be one of my big projects for implementation this year. It basically says to have a mission statement between individuals, between individuals & departments, between two departments, and between departments...
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By Ed Konczal Feb 24 2008

Note to the C-Suite - You and Your Employees are Wasting Time and Money Searching the Internet

The Internet has become an important business tool for frontline managers all the way to C-Level managers. However, using the Internet is becoming increasingly frustrating. There is too much Fluff, Spam and clutter in the results you get. Just take a look at some studies Managers spend up to two ho...
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By Anonymous Feb 22 2008

Michaels on Employee Development

In his book, The War for Talent, Ed Michaels relays the following findings collected from the feedback of 12,000 managers:“When you talk about development, … most people think about training. Training is 10% of the development equation. Fifty percent is the sequence of jobs that you have, and 40% is...
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By Justice Schanfarber Feb 22 2008

You Are What You Do... Or Are You?

You Are What You Do... Or Are You?   I was watching the movie Batman Begins recently. There's a scene where Bruce Wayne's love interest and childhood friend confronts him, telling him that "It's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you." This sparked a small disc...
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By Melissa Botticelli Feb 16 2008

Back and Rejuvenated

The Leadership Engagement experience was actually very well done and I had an excellent experience.  It was interesting to see how it differed from other big training efforts the company has done.  It was really all about getting folks from all the different divisions of our sector to talk and excha...
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By Joe Espana Feb 16 2008

Life Launch

My book has fallen to bits, I've thumbed through it that much. I'd like to recommend it to fellow hubbers, and the way I'd like to do it is by quoting (edited)the preface. Here goes."On August 23, 1943, when I was nine years old, I awakened in silent terror. I was unable to move...