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By Jim Taggart Aug 11 2014

Do It with People, Not To Them: Share the Power

 It seems like almost yesterday when organizations in both the public and private sectors were pumped with such concepts as servant leadership, values and ethics, and shared (distributed) leadership. Indeed, your correspondent did his Master’s thesis in 1999 on shared leadership.Dateline: the N...
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By Jim Taggart Aug 4 2014

Will Gen Z be the Disruptive Generation?

  The media loves hyperbole. If there’s a way to spin a story or add drama to it, whether needlessly or not, the media has perfected the art. Examples abound so I won’t waste your time reciting well known instances.There’s a new storyline being developed now, but one that will take years t...
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By Phil Dourado Aug 4 2014

Richard Branson on Why Compassion is a Competitive Advantage

"Business used to be a cutthroat world where the only thing that mattered was profit -- but that’s changing quickly."In this week's wisdom taken from the Bearded Wonder, Branson asks: is there room for compassion in today's business and leadership? Of course there is. In fact, compassion should be a...
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By Phil Dourado Jul 29 2014

You Can't Make Decisions from the Top Anymore

Do the words 'Leadership' and 'Hierarchy' no longer apply to each other? Dan Oestreich thinks so."In past models, a manager or team of people might propose a change, but the change must be “approved” before implementation. The approver is separate and distant from the change and its design, and...
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By The Architect Jul 29 2014

6 Types of Toxic CEOs You Never Want To Be

  This is part of an infographic created by Reuben Yonatan. Reuben shared it with us. You can see the full infographic, which has a lot more interesting, funny and surprising stats, on his blog post here.  
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By Phil Dourado Jul 28 2014

Multitasking: How Richard Branson Almost Failed

More wisdom from the Bearded Wonder. Would you believe it, multi-tasking was almost the downfall of Virgin? Here's a bit from Branson."When you launch your first enterprise, you have to learn so much on the job, and so quickly, that concentrating on one project with a clearly defined purpose is al...
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By Jim Taggart Jul 28 2014

Do No Harm: 5 Leadership Lessons to Live By

 The bangs were incredibly loud. Across the street the shoppers at the liquor store and grocery store plaza were startled. The nearby homeowners called 911. And the staff at the elementary school down the street (which my two oldest granddaughters attend) were alarmed.“Don’t worry, you won’t ev...
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By Anita Nielsen Jul 26 2014

Leading with the End in Mind: How Do You Want to be Remembered?

Early in my career, I was selected by my company’s executive team to help deliver leadership training to the organization. I was sent off to Utah to get certified in facilitating a course based on Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. I loved the concepts in that book...
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By Phil Dourado Jul 25 2014

The power of introverts

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By Jim Taggart Jul 20 2014

Discover Your Leadership Trail

400th Post on WordPress!  We’re living in a technological age where almost any type of work can be outsourced to far-away countries, where labor market skill needs of employers are out of balance with the supply (what people have to offer) and where instantaneity and multi-tasking are robb...