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10 Tips to Improve Your Leadership Today

By Gordon Tredgold Feb 13 2014
We’re always looking for ways we can do a better job, well here are 10 tips for leaders that will improve your leadership today! Be Confiident When you’re confident it inspires confidence in others. It will encourage people to follow you, and it will help set an expectation that you will be su...
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The five things we regret on our deathbed

By Phil Dourado Feb 3 2014
Our top five regrets on our deathbeds I wish I hadn't worked so hard I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends I wish I had let myself be happier I wish I'd had the courage to express my true self I wish I'd lived a life true to my dreams, instead of what others expected of me. Source: as repor...
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Does The End Justify The Means

By Gordon Tredgold Jan 29 2014
Success can be defined in many different ways, sometimes we have clear goals and it can look like success is very easy to define. Either the project was delivered successfully on time or it wasn’t. However, we need to look beyond that first level of success. I have worked with many managers who have...
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Conflicting Goals

By Gordon Tredgold Jan 12 2014
As leaders it is our responsibility to provide clear direction to our teams. When we do this, we need to ensure that the direction we set is in line with that of our company, or what our own masters are looking for us to do. If we do not do this, then we can find that our teams are getting different...
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Leadership 2013: An All-Star Female Line Up!

By Jim Taggart Jan 6 2014
Another year has come and gone by in a flash. Unexpected events, too many to list, struck from all sides. One of the year’s big events was the human calamity in Syria, which has passed the two-year mark and with over 130,000 civilians killed. The oil-laden freight train disaster which leveled the co...
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FASTER Way to Being a Better Leader in 2014

By Gordon Tredgold Jan 2 2014
In 2014 if you want to become a better leader then take the FASTER Approach, not only will you be more successful but you will earn much more respect from your team F – Focus A – Accountability S – Simplicity T – Transparency E – Empowerment R – Recognition Focus Ensure you and your teams are focus...
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Setting Goals

By Gordon Tredgold Dec 29 2013
At this time of year we start to think about our goals for the next year, even if it’s just our New Years Resolutions, these are still goals that we set for ourselves. When it comes to achieving goals it is always best if we take a FAST approach. Goals where we don’t have a good approach, e.g. we ju...
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Why Persistence Is an Important Quality For Leaders

By Gordon Tredgold Dec 28 2013
Persistence is a great quality and one that we should all look to nurture. The ability to hold on or to get back up after we have been knocked down is essential for us to achieve any real success, because there will be failures along the way and it’s how we deal with these failures that will determi...
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Fundamantal Beliefs

By Gordon Tredgold Dec 24 2013
Fundamental beliefsPosted on 25 August, 2012 by Gordon TredgoldThese are some of my fundamental beliefs which help shape the way I lead and manage people. They form the basis for my leadership philosophy. I will go into more details on these topics in subsequent posts. Every...
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Think Big, No I Mean Really Big!

By Gordon Tredgold Dec 24 2013 Big, No I Mean Really BigPosted on 24 December, 2013 by Gordon TredgoldAs we come to the end of 2013 and I look back over the year, looking at all I have achieved, the goals I have set, the progres...