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By Saroj Kumar Jha Jan 7 2015

Put Your Spirituality in Your Leadership

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By Saroj Kumar Jha Jan 7 2015

Human Values in Leadership

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By Phil Dourado Jan 5 2015

Do less, better

A wonderful title from John Bell's blog post on CEO Afterlife.How do you simplify when the demands of customers, colleagues, and shareholders continue to escalate? It can feel impossible to ‘think smaller’ when everyone around you is firmly entrenched in the ‘do more’ strategic paradigm. A great t...
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By Jim Taggart Jan 4 2015

Leadership 2014: Meet Five Incredible Young Leaders

 2014 was a year many of us would like to leave behind, forgetting many of the unfortunate events, large and small, that affected people locally and around the world. Rather than talking about the past, let’s talk about the future and what young people are contributing to making our world a bet...
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By Jim Taggart Dec 21 2014

Know Fear as a Leader

To say that the workplace has changed a lot in the past decade, with more changes imminent, should not come as a surprise to most people. It’s almost become a trite statement to talk about the rapid changes that organizations have undergone. People – managers and staff – know this. They live it ever...
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By Vasiliy Smetanin Dec 17 2014


People have always been the main resource of each company. To achieve the desired result you need to know how to motivate your team effectively. Inspiring supervisory style helps to create and maintain the spirit of enthusiasm among workers. The process of team motivating can be compared to creating...
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By Colin Scowen Dec 16 2014

Evaluating Leadership Development

So, here's a situation. You've started a leadership development group. people are involved, they're moving through the group, and moving out.Question is: Someone (assume it's anyone you like really, could be a key stakeholder who wants to know they have helped something worthwhile, could be a curiou...
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By Amelia Ranta Dec 16 2014

Focus on Leadership and Automate Your Business

As a business owner, you might find it overwhelming to be the effective boss you want to be, to manage everything and to organize your team towards achieving your business objectives. Every business owner has this issue. To fix it, automate your business. This is the process of organizing yourself (...
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By Phil Dourado Dec 15 2014

Don't forget to look back

"When I want to understand what is happening today to try to decide what will happen tomorrow I look back." Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr Kevin Eikenberry's blog post on reflection got me, well, reflecting. It might seem funny to learn how to learn, but it is the most fundamental lesson. It's that old...
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By Jim Taggart Dec 14 2014

The Elusiveness of Leadership

When your correspondent entered the leadership field in the early nineties, not long after starting work as a middle manager, the economy was rebounding from a recession and a new buzz around leadership was emerging. Fueled by the writings of a growing cast of respected thinkers, this buzz not only...