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By Cindy Solomon Jun 13 2014

5 Things Chipotle Can Teach Your Company

Everyone’s all atwitter about Chipotle right now. Why? Because they’re redefining the fast-casual food industry with organic ingredients, sustainably farmed food, and a fresh, new way of managing people. Even those of us who work outside the hospitality industry can learn a few things from their s...
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By Cindy Solomon Jun 9 2014

Service Secrets from the Final Four

It was early April, so naturally, I was in Nashville for the NCAA® Women’s Final Four® ... because I’m tall. No, seriously I’d been following the teams and rooting for my favorite players so I was primed and ready. And yet, what I was looking forward to most was sampling some of that famous hos...
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By Jim Taggart Jun 9 2014

Begin With the End in Mind

How often have you started a project at work, or been part of a community effort that took some time to get off the ground, to discover partway through that your team had lost its way, unsure of what was the original goal? This happens all too often. And what’s scary is when it happens to large gove...
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By Aad Boot Jun 5 2014

Strategy Execution: Why It Often Fails

A senior executive recently shared with me: “I have been explaining our new strategy for months, and last week in a leadership meeting I got astonishing feedback. The main message was ‘we have no clue where we’re going with our strategy’. How is this possible?! Defining a good strategy, and exec...
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By Phil Dourado Jun 5 2014

A leader who inspired me: true story

So, to start off our 'win a free book' competition, here's my example of a leader who inspired me.  Obviously, I can't submit this to the competition as a story. 'Cos, er, I decide who wins it. And I've already got the book anyway :) (Greg McKeown's Essentialism. Brilliant new book, re-defines...
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By Jim Taggart Jun 1 2014

Do You Know the Three “Cs” in a Social Media World?

We think a more open and connected world will create a stronger economy with more authentic businesses that build better products and services. We expect governments will become more responsive to issues and concerns raised directly by all their people rather than through intermediaries controlled b...
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By Jim Taggart May 26 2014

Are You Generating Transactions Or New Customers?

Once upon a time there was a CEO of a pet food company who wanted to increase his profits from making dog food. So he consulted the wisest men in his company, who all knew about developing computer programs that would analyze the nutrition needs of dogs and the nutrition content of various grains an...
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By Phil Dourado May 25 2014

Phil Recommends: Leadership Freak Have you seen it yet?

I love Dan Rockwell's Leadership Freak blog.I love Dan's proposition of "Empowering leaders 300 words at a time".And I love the clarity and elegance and relevance with which he executes that.Here's his latest: How to stop de-energizing the teamPhil DouradoLeadership Hub Founder, Curator, C...
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By Phil Dourado May 23 2014

Hub Article: How to be a lucky leader of a lucky team

Up from the Hub Archives There's a great post on luck over on the Harvard blogs by Anthony K. Tjan, who identifies, with his research colleague, seven factors that make you a lucky leader and warns against becoming disconnected from those factors when you become a successful executive - which is a c...
Jim Taggart's picture
By Jim Taggart May 19 2014

Redistributing Wealth in a Globalized Economy

In a recent post I introduced my new ebook Workforce of the Future: Building Change Adaptability, 2nd Edition. One of the four major forces that is changing society–and for the better–is the redistribution of wealth that has been accelerating over the past two decades. Western Europe, Great Britain...