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Amelia Ranta's picture
By Amelia Ranta Dec 11 2014

Following in Order to Lead

Leadership invokes visions of hierarchy. In reality, it requires qualities that go beyond just holding power. Many organizations emphasize authority without also introducing qualities like empathy, understanding, and adaptation. These are proving to hold greater importance for companies who wish to...
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By Jim Taggart Dec 7 2014

Should Work-Life Integration Replace Work-Life Balance?

People have a love for fads, whether it was the Hula Hoop in the late fifties, the big hair bands of the 80s or the moon shoes of the nineties. When it comes to workplace issues, we become enthralled with new ideas which often get blindly adopted without first thinking through the implications. Work...
Zen Master's picture
By Zen Master Dec 3 2014

The Leader and The Boss - is this a new thought?

I have been told that leadership is changing.At least, in business. 'Boss' and 'Leader' no longer all mean the same thing. To be at the top no longer means you have proven yourself as a leader, and that you must lead from within your followers to truly win them over. This is how leadership is changi...
Barry Dore's picture
By Barry Dore Dec 1 2014

A Values Based Approach to Leadership

I  spent a day with a client last week running values workshops with a number of managers and supervisors. This client has recently taken the decision to seek to embed a set of values within their organisation as a framework for building the right behaviours.A values based approa...
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By Phil Dourado Dec 1 2014

7 Unorthodox Rituals of Outstanding Leaders

7 Unorthodox Rituals of Outstanding Leaders [Infographic] by the team at Next Generation Recruitment
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By Jim Taggart Nov 30 2014

Shopify This! An Entrepreneur who Embraces Lifelong Learning

Tobias Lütke didn’t like high school very much. A keen snowboarder, the young German quit high school at age 16. While on a vacation to Whistler, British Columbia, Lütke met a young woman whom he would later marry. When he emigrated to Canada in 2002 he kept his programming job with Siemans, working...
Phil Dourado's picture
By Phil Dourado Nov 24 2014

Can ANYONE be a leader? (10 Golden Rules of Leadership)

A good question from Leadership Now's Leading Blog while reviewing The Ten Golden Rules of Leadership.Do you truly believe that anyone can become a leader? Think of some faces from your work and honestly ask yourself.Does it take a special something to lead? Or do we all have the potential? If one o...
Jim Taggart's picture
By Jim Taggart Nov 24 2014

Tell the Truth. Always

In Canada, the problem of lying and deception by prominent leaders is skewed into the political sphere. The United States, in contrast, is more of an equal opportunity employer, with an abundance of dishonest corporate and political leaders at all levels of government: municipal, state and federal....
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By Tim Bryce Nov 18 2014

New Book - "The Facts of Life Regarding Management"

"The Facts of Life Regarding Management" provides common sense approachBRYCE'S "THE FACTS OF LIFE REGARDING MANAGEMENT" PROVIDES COMMON SENSE APPROACH've just written a new book entitled, "The Facts of Life Regarding Management," which provides a common...
Jim Taggart's picture
By Jim Taggart Nov 17 2014

Leading in a Time of Rapidly Shifting Tectonic Plates

A movement at the boundary of twotectonic plates of only eight inches will set off an earthquake. Using plate tectonics as the metaphor, what has been happening to global manufacturing over the past three decades has been a series of ongoing earthquakes. China’s rise as a major manufacturi...