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By Jim Taggart Jan 26 2015

Discover Your Inner Leader: Reflections to Inspire and Motivate

1) Do you hesitate to make decisions and second guess the ones you do make? 2) Do you question your ability to motivate others and to create a team climate?3) Do you worry that others have more talent than you?If you answered yes to any of these questions, or even seemed unsure, then my newest...
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By Vern Marker Jan 25 2015

10 Characteristics that Separate Strong from Weak Business Leaders

Leadership isn’t new. We have always had leaders. The question is: How are some leaders more successful than others? Different practices, such as Kaizen, offer healthy approaches to making continuous improvements; while others, like micromanaging, can create very unpleasant work environments. Here a...
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By Amelia Ranta Jan 22 2015

How To Establish Leadership Through Your Personal Brand

Personal branding is a difficult task in today’s age of countless options. It can be a real challenge to stand out from the crowd within your own target market. One of the best ways to achieve this differentiation is through thought leadership in your specific industry or niche. Establishing yoursel...
Phil Dourado's picture
By Phil Dourado Jan 21 2015

Are you guilty of any of these 20 Bad Leadership Habits? Here's a quick test

Getting feedback in any venture you do is vital.It is impossible to truly see ourselves and what we do objectively. Fostering an environment where people feel comfortable telling you what your bad habits are is essential, but for your own sake you should be on the lookout too.These 20 bad ha...
Jim Taggart's picture
By Jim Taggart Jan 19 2015

Building a High Trust Workplace: Today’s Strategic Competitive Asset

Think of a time when you worked with a group of great people, where trust prevailed, where your leader had earned a followership and where everyone worked towards the same vision. It doesn’t have to have been paid work; community service counts, too. No luck?Workplaces like this do exist. Howev...
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By Inspector Gadget Jan 12 2015

'Don't be Kodak': Pay attention to your rookies in 2015

The majority of the workforce will be Generation Y in 2015.That's what Sarah Sladek says in her new blog post on LeadershipNow. For 2015, you should be paying attention to your rookies.Don't be Kodak. Kodak was once the dominant force in Western photographic film sales, but were swept away by their...
Jim Taggart's picture
By Jim Taggart Jan 12 2015

Effective Leaders See the Whole Picture

 It doesn’t matter whether you’re leading a company, government agency or not-for-profit organization; being a top leader has become tougher, with more challenges, unpredictable events and intertwined issues to juggle. Add to this dynamic those individuals who seek to create a new disruptive pr...
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By Pragati Leadership Jan 9 2015

Wholesome Leadership and Self Mastery

 A Google search on  the word Leadership yields 113,000,000 hits. Leadership  is one of the most researched areas when it comes to business. Business touches the lives of almost all of humanity. Of the top 100 revenue generating entities of the world, more than half are multinational...
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By Saroj Kumar Jha Jan 7 2015

Put Your Spirituality in Your Leadership

Saroj Kumar Jha's picture
By Saroj Kumar Jha Jan 7 2015

Human Values in Leadership