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By Jim Taggart May 12 2014

Why Arrogance Leads to Eventual Failure

As a human race, we tend to jump to conclusions and write off people who appear to have no hope. The same applies to companies, which are legal entities but nonetheless composed of living, breathing human beings. As a Canadian, who spent three decades with the federal government working on economic,...
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By Jim Taggart May 5 2014

Leading in a Multipolar World: Four Forces Shaping Society

When I released the first edition of this ebook just a few years ago, society had been through numerous upheavals in the span of less than a decade. From 911 to the 2008 financial meltdown and ensuing Great Recession to the Arab Spring of 2011, there seemed to be no end of socio-economic and geo-pol...
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By Gordon Tredgold May 1 2014

10 Great Leadership Questions

In my last post, I posted 10 Great Leadership Questions from which I think we can learn a lot about ourselves and our leadership styles. Today I provide my answers on those, and I hope that you find it of interest 1. What does being an “effective” or “successful” leader mean to you? I think that to...
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By Gordon Tredgold May 1 2014

Podcast - The New Leaders Challenge

Leadership Podcast The New Leaders Challenge When we are appointed leaders one of the many challenges we have to deal with, is how to handle those people who applied for the job we have just been give, but where unsuccessful. Gordon Tredgold FInsLM Visiting Professor Staffordshire Un...
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By Gordon Tredgold May 1 2014

FAST Leadership

Ultimately Leadership is about delivering results and achieving goals. As leaders that’s really what we get paid for, and I wanted to share my approach to delivering results. I call it FAST Leadership, its simple, straightforward and easy to follow. This is not something that I have learned from boo...
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By Jim Taggart Apr 28 2014

Don’t Pee on the Electric Fence: A Lesson in Customer Service

In my last post Customer Service Meets Productivity I shared a recent customer service experience with the Hyundai dealership where I’ve dealt for three and a half years. We own two Hyundais, three of my four adult kids own Hyundais, and they in turn have recommended their friends to Myers Hyundai i...
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By Bob Herbold Apr 27 2014

The Bad News – You Need to Know It!

The recent sequence of massive vehicle recalls by General Motors, started by the decade-old ignition switch flaw that was buried for more than a decade within the thick GM bureaucracy even though it is linked to a reported 13 death, highlights a key challenge for leaders. Specifically, how do you c...
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By Jim Taggart Apr 20 2014

Customer Service Meets Productivity

We had a tough winter here in Eastern Ontario where I live. But then, so did much of Canada and many parts of the U.S. Lots of snow, strong winds, and what caused meteorologists to exhibit signs of unusual arousal, the Polar Vortex, which somehow got diverted from Canada’s Arctic for a couple of mon...
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By Phil Dourado Apr 17 2014

Three Stories Leaders Need to Tell

Up From The Leadership Hub's Archive (Originally posted in 2007)Great Leaders: Tell a compelling story about themselves: who they are, where they came from, what they stand for, what they expect. Create or tell a compelling story about the organisation: its mission and purpose, why it is a great pl...
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By Jim Taggart Apr 13 2014

You Are Not Your Position

If you know everything there is to know then you can take a pass on this post and move on to something else. You’re still here–thought so. We live in a society of experts, pseudo experts and wannabe experts. Although I’ve been in the leadership space for some 25 years, encompassing a Masters in the...