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By Gordon Tredgold Dec 18 2013

Death to Bureacracy to Bureaucracy!Posted on 18 December, 2013 by Gordon TredgoldI was just talking with a friend and the subject came onto Bureaucracy and how it looks like it is just designed to kill all enthusiasm and to sto...
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By Jim Taggart Dec 15 2013

Gen Y Should Give Us Hope: It’s About Self-Empowerment

 Society, for whatever reason, has traditionally looked at youth as pampered, lazy and possessing no goal in life.When I was a teen in the early seventies growing up in Montreal, my parents and their peers thought that my contemporaries and I were all depraved and on drugs. It’s part of the hum...
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By Gordon Tredgold Dec 15 2013

Believe in Possible Believe In PossiblePosted on 15 December, 2013 by Gordon TredgoldI often talk about the power of belief, and that we are all cable of more, and that if we just believe then we set our selves on the road to su...
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By Aad Boot Dec 13 2013

Building Your Executive Team: 3 Lessons from Andrew Carnegie

“Here lies a man who knew to enlist in his service better men than himself.”This is how Andrew Carnegie, the (Scotland-born) U.S. steel magnate who gave away the vast majority of his fortune, wanted people to remember him. (Among other things, Carnegie's money built 2509 libraries worldwide, foun...
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By James Brown Dec 13 2013

How to Work With Global Teams Effectively

Do you have to work with a globally scattered, variably located, remote team? Apparently, most small businesses are taking to that approach but not every business gets it right. The trend, however, is on.  Working at home is the future. Whether it’s the rise of telecommuting, the flexible rem...
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By Jim Taggart Dec 9 2013

Turning Learning Upside Down the Khan Way

 Salman Khan was working as an analyst at a hedge-fund in Boston in 2006. Being a bit of a math whiz (with four degrees from MIT and Harvard) he had been tutoring family members and relatives. He had an idea and started putting up tutorial videos on You Tube to make learning more flexible for h...
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By Gordon Tredgold Dec 6 2013

Nelson Mandela - My Hero

I am often asked who are my favourites leaders, and top of the list is always Nelson Mandela.So today, as I write this I have a tear in my eye, with the news that Nelson Mandela passed away.Nelson was a true inspiration, not only to me, but to millions of people around the world. He lived the m...
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By Jim Taggart Dec 2 2013

The Payoff from Sharing Power

 Sometimes we’re reading something. Anything: a magazine, a book or an online article. And then we have what I’ll call a brain fart. An idea pops into our mind, only to stay there for a while, waiting to be exploited, beckoning us in increasing urgency to check it out before it disappears for e...
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By Gordon Tredgold Nov 26 2013

Sense of Direction Sense of DirectionPosted on 26 November, 2013 by Gordon TredgoldI love this video by Monty Python, I think its a great example of what can happen when we lack focus.I always say, “if we don’t know what success...
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By Gordon Tredgold Nov 25 2013

Why Winning Culture is Important Winning Culture is ImportantPosted on 25 November, 2013 by Gordon TredgoldAs a sports fan I spent much of the weekend watching games on the TV, and given that one of my major passions is rugby it w...