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By Jim Taggart Mar 9 2014

Introduce the Right Hand to the Left: 10 Lessons in Customer Service

I decided it was time to get a new smart phone. My three year-old HTC Evo, while a solid device, was getting increasingly slow, neurotic at times and heavy to carry. After researching which phone would best suit my needs I decided on a Blackberry Z10, manufactured by Canada’s former Research in Moti...
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By Jim Taggart Mar 3 2014

The Anti-Minimum Wage Con Job Argument

 This is not a post about leadership, or at least directly. It’s about people who work their butts off but who have become the disenfranchised, the contemporary version of 19th Century France when abused workers revolted.I’ve been a loyal reader of The Economist for three decades. The...
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By Gordon Tredgold Feb 27 2014

Don’t Let Your Comfort Zone Be a Prison For Your Achievements!

Our comfort zone is not our friend, it keeps us as a prisoner and stops us from achieving our full potential. It seems to be designed to make us settle where we are, like a comfortable chair which is difficult to get out of. We will never achieve our full potential sat in our comfort zone, we will o...
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By Phil Dourado Feb 26 2014

What a hotel leader learnt from a primary school head teacher

I've been working with a hotels' company on developing their leadership over the past few years, and one of their hotel General Managers told me that he had visited a primary school to look at how teachers inspire and motivate.That in itself was an inspired example of how to look outside your own ex...
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By Gordon Tredgold Feb 25 2014

You Need To Know Where You Are In Order To Get Where You're Going

If Transparency is all about understanding where we are, tracking our planned progress against actual progress, to ensure that we are on track to succeed, then one of the best tools to help with that is, in my opinion, Earned Value Management (EVM). Implementations of EVM can be scaled to fit projec...
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By Jim Taggart Feb 24 2014

Square Astronaut, Round Hole: Sweat the Small Stuff!

 “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”We’ve heard that expression a lot in the past and still occasionally today. It was made popular in the self-help and pseudo leadership literature in the nineties. Indeed, one compact book went by that title, written by Richard Carlson in 1997.For some–pe...
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By Gordon Tredgold Feb 18 2014

Why Don't We Recognise People More?

There’s a saying ‘What we recognise gets repeated’ which implies that recognition is one way to create the culture we want, by recognising the behaviours that we want repeated. I also believe that recognition is one of the key lubricants in creating successful organisations and developing winning cu...
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By Jim Taggart Feb 17 2014

Decency, Humility and Personal Leadership

I moved a lot as a kid. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1955, I was still chortling and babbling when we moved to Montreal where we lived for a few years before heading to Battlecreek, Michigan for two years (where I started school). Then it was back to Montreal for many years, when suddenly at the en...
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By Gordon Tredgold Feb 13 2014

10 Tips to Improve Your Leadership Today

We’re always looking for ways we can do a better job, well here are 10 tips for leaders that will improve your leadership today! 1. Be Confiident When you’re confident it inspires confidence in others. It will encourage people to follow you, and it will help set an expectation that you will be s...
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By Phil Dourado Feb 3 2014

The five things we regret on our deathbed

Our top five regrets on our deathbeds I wish I hadn't worked so hard I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends I wish I had let myself be happier I wish I'd had the courage to express my true self I wish I'd lived a life true to my dreams, instead of what others expected of me. Source: as repor...