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By Jim Taggart Oct 26 2014

A Fallen Hero Who Served His Country

October 22, 2014, is the day that changed Canada, when the country’s Parliament in Ottawa was attacked suddenly and brutally. Corporal Nathan Cirillo, a 24 year-old reservist from Hamilton with theArgyll and Sutherland Highlanders, an infantry reserve unit at the core of the Combat Arms team, w...
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By Phil Dourado Oct 24 2014

Are we at our best when we are least qualified for the job?

We often underestimate our ability to learn new things.A great part of being a leader and mentor is learning. Not just learning yourself, but fostering a learning environment.We learn best when we are faced with the unfamiliar. As Liz Wiseman puts it in her blog post over on Leadership Now:"People...
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By Barry Dore Oct 24 2014

The challenge of delivering transformational change

The most challenging assignments I take on are those where transformational change is required. I started one such assignment last week with the Director and senior leadership team of a large national restaurant brand.  This brand is already very profitable, delivering good resul...
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By Jim Taggart Oct 20 2014

A True Green CEO: Unilever’s Paul Polman

Money talks and bullshit walks. I use this expression, and so do countless others, except that it’s useful to understand its origin. Attributed to Congressman Michael “Ozzie” Myers in 1980, resulting from his expulsion from the House of Representatives for accepting bribes and his subsequent 19...
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By Zen Master Oct 17 2014

What is Mindfulness?

We are hearing a lot about Mindful leadership these days. It may be trending, but it is an idea that is thousands of years old, with strong truths in it.Dan McCarthy's blog has a step-by-step explanation of Mindfulness and how you can make it work."Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing...
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By Phil Dourado Oct 14 2014

Two truths and some startling empowerment stats

I like Alan Zimmerman's Tuesday Tips. He sells his products hard, but the tips and his writings contain some gems of insight. These two, from his most recent book, are gems: "Some of the biggest challenges in relationships come from the fact that most people enter a relationship in order to get some...
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By Barry Dore Oct 14 2014

How Effective Is Your Engine Room?

Many leaders understand how important it is for their team or organisation to have a clear strategy. They invest time, money and effort in developing that strategy, creating a picture of the future and putting in the plans that will take them there. Unfortunately too many times they fail to put suf...
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By Jim Taggart Oct 13 2014

Brutalized by an Airline: How Corporate Culture is Reflected in Poor Customer Service

 This is a story about leadership and customer service; or to be more precise it’s about the absence of both.One of my daughter’s recently got married. The wedding venue was an hour west of Ottawa in a beautiful setting. With a large family on my wife’s side, there was a decent-size contingent...
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By Nat Brown Oct 9 2014

5 tips for empowering your staff

1. Reward them for Self Improvement Many Leaders will complain when employees become stagnant yet they do little to assist them to grow. In these cases management can have the idea that promotion and money are enough of a motivator. The issue is that more often than not employees do not have the kno...
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By Phil Dourado Oct 7 2014

Oh no! That 8-step change framework is back again

I see from the Harvard site that John Kotter's old 8 step 'framework for big change' is trending again. I do love retired Prof Kotter. But, I simply don't understand why this framework keeps re-emerging, as it's so old-fashioned and doesn't fit what organizational change is really about or how it...