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By Jim Taggart Jun 7 2015

Confronting Capitalism: Real Solutions for a Troubled Economic System

Every so often a respected economist writes a book that’s not just highly readable but that contains analyses and viable solutions to vexing economic and societal problems. Philip Kotler, Professor of International Marketing at Northwestern University, has achieved this. In addition to being known a...
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By Zen Master Jun 5 2015

The best potato peeler in the world

Lee Cockerell looks for 3 things when hiring a new employee: Skill, Passion and Attitude.Only one of those can be 'fixed'. You can teach skill, but passion and attitude are immensely more personal and difficult to shape.Lee talks about attitude in his latest podcast.After a tremendous accident...
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By Jim Taggart May 31 2015

Building Leadership from the Grass Roots

When you think about leadership what first comes to mind?Do you have images of presidents of big corporations or prominent politicians or four star generals? Leadership is much more than that. People from all walks of life step up to the plate to take on leadership roles. For instance, consider some...
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By Phil Dourado May 28 2015

The Big Picture

Have you been looking through the Hub's best posts from around the web?Here's one that I found from Kevin Eikenberry on the importance of sharing the 'big picture' with your people; your organization's goals, and their role in fulfilling them.'Everyone at the Indy 500 race had a different experience...
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By Jim Taggart May 24 2015

Are You Finding Your Leadership Voice?

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, including gender and race. The prevailing myth in much of the Western world, as well as in most developing countries, is that leadership is a man’s game, whether in politics or corporations.Furthermore, in such countries as Australia, the United States, Can...
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By Inspector Gadget May 22 2015

"You’re not only a leader, you are a leader of leaders."

800-CEO-READ invited America's first four-star female general, Ann Dunwoody, to talk leadership and her book.A wonderful attitude to your work. Here's 3 points to take from the interview: 1. There is no 'cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all solution'Despite first impressions of the army, Ann's lead...
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By The Architect May 21 2015

Who said it? "A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new" (Infographic)

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By Jim Taggart May 18 2015

One Woman’s Fight to Reform Islam: Heretic

We often associate the word leadership with politicians (primarily males) or big shot CEOs and entrepreneurs. However, leadership comes in another form: people who aren’t leading an organization but rather a cause. Witness the courageous work of Nobel Peace Prize recipient Malala Yousafzai...
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By Phil Dourado May 12 2015

A Learning Distillery: Whole leadership books in 5 min animations

From 30SecondsMail (who have undercut me by 30 seconds, but I don't care as it's a great idea)."We recently launched our "Book Distillery": We create super short and crisp 5 minute animated video abstracts of famous business books. There's no easier and funnier way to digest a whole book in such...
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By The Architect May 11 2015

The Habits of Unsuccessful People vs Successful People (Infographic)

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