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Your organization needs a leadership community of practice - a learning network that brings your leaders together. Here's why:

Gather your leaders into one digital community

Traditional leadership development doesn't work. Billions is spent on it each year. But most CEOs report continuing leadership problems holding their organization back. We have pioneered and proved an alternative since 2007: bringing leaders together from across the organization in a guided learning network. We design and build your community with you - and with the leaders who are going to use it.

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“There is FREE great leadership practice available throughout your organisation; someone, somewhere is doing what you want the rest of them to do, but you probably don’t know about it. You just need to surface and share it.” Nigel Paine

Socialise, share and spread best leadership practices

Socialise, share and spread

With a clear idea of what your best leaders are doing you can spread these leadership practices ‘virally’ through your employees and develop an emergent playbook of best leadership practices.

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“The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed.” William Gibson

Define and shape your leadership culture

Your online leadership community focuses everyone on the core purpose and culture, aligns resources and effort, and gets them to learn from each other, from the CEO & executive team down, across and up to all participants. You shape the culture by modelling real ‘desired leadership behaviours’ in action.

Your leadership culture
“Leadership is example. That’s all it is. Model what you want from the top and that’s the behaviour you’ll get. That’s how you change a culture.” Professor Aidan Halligan
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Practise and learn leadership at the same time

Traditional leadership development separates the ‘learning’ from the actual ‘doing’. By using our leadership community system you combine both the theory and practice of leadership development.

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Practice and learn leadership

Case study: IHG Leaders Lounge

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See how our system positively impacted the leadership development at InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), one of the world’s largest companies.

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Tracy Robbins InterContinental Hotels Group
“Our 1500 users love the global, online leadership community Phil and his team built and run for us. It was an industry first, and has been at the core of how we develop leaders for the past eight years, winning us prestigious awards for leadership development on both sides of the Atlantic.” Tracy Robbins, Until recently EVP, HR, InterContinental Hotels Group

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