5 Fundamentals to make your Leadership Development Work

by The Architect on May 8, 2018

Hooray! Not only is this infographic from the Piras Group stating the much-needed obvious, it's also shorter than the Bayeux Tapestry for once. 90% of infographics out there are too long!

(ho ho history joke)

These fundamentals ring true with our own experience (10 years of running leadership development communities) of making real, lasting change in an organisation's Leadership Development.

Getting senior leaders involved has been an absolute necessity for success, in our experience.

It provides validity to the leaders in the organisation, and helps shake off the mindset that this is just another 'phase' of training that will be forgotten about and they should sleepwalk through.

And of course Leadership Development has to be personalised to the real world needs of the organisation. If that feels obvious, it should tell you what a state some modern leadership development is in if I'm pleasantly surprised to see the obvious being mentioned.

In our time we have had to compromise with or struggle against Leadership Development that is set up to score false successes.

Focusing too much on theory or courses or timed events because they look good in a report at the end of the year, even if they are not relevant to the leaders' needs. Everyone thinks they have made forward movement and pats themselves on the back, but the money and time has been wasted because none of it can be used when the leaders go back to work the next day.

Those are just a couple of the fundamentals, check the Infographic Here for the rest of the 5. >>

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