Candid Conversations - What Rebels Want from their Boss

by The Architect on Feb 6, 2018

We have a new sketchnote in our visual library.

It reminds me of a story from Chip and Dan Heath...

For centuries, the Catholic Chuch made use of a “devil’s advocate” in deciding who would be named a saint. The devil’s advocate was known inside the church as the promotor fidei – the “promoter of the faith” – and his role was to build a case against sainthood.

Devil’s advocacy isn’t the need for a formal contrarian position; it’s the need to interpret criticism as a noble function.

An effective promotor fidei is not an argumentative smarty-pants; it’s someone who deeply respects the Catholic Church and is trying to defend the faith by surfacing contrary arguments (Who wants to argue against someone who’s lived a life so admirable that they merit consideration as a saint?).

It puts the team members in the role of “protecting the organization,” and it licenses their skepticism. Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath

Criticism as a Noble Function

In our leadership communities, the leaders who were coming up with new innovations and improving their processes were the ones who were fed up with something about the status quo... who were rebelling.

So many problems in organisations slip into the cracks because 'that's the way it's always been done'.

Our communities specialise in making criticism a noble function called 'candid conversations'. Making that rebel in all of us feel safe enough to speak up.

Challenging defensive behaviour that arises from criticism. Raising awareness of our own confirmation bias (how often do you run ideas past outsiders from your own team?). Getting everyone from the top executives down to talk on the same level, as humans looking to solve a problem.

It can be tricky, and requires strong emotional intelligence. We often had leaders come to us anonymously in order to start a truly candid conversation.

So, what do YOUR Rebels want from you?

This Sketchnote from Tanmay Vora is a great look into how to make that rebel mindset thrive. Click Here to Read the Sketchnote »

What Rebels Want from their Boss


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