The Company with (almost) No Rules - Ricardo Semler

by The Architect on Mar 28, 2018

Our board had 2 seats open, with the same voting rights, for the first 2 people who showed up. And so we had cleaning ladies voting on a board meeting... and the fact is that they kept us honest.

Rethink how you are doing more or less everything.

Brazilian CEO Ricardo Semler implemented what he calls 'radical wisdom' into his company over many years. Everything about the way they were running things that could be questioned, was. Even some things they thought couldn't be.

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We have to do things in a different way. So we started saying things like, 'Why do we want to know what time you come to work? What time you left?' Can't we exchange this for a contract for buying something from you? Some kind of work?

Why are we building these headquarters? Is it not an ego issue that we want to look solid and big and important? We're dragging you 2 hours across town because of this?

Slowly we went to a process where we said things like: 'We don't want anyone to be a leader in the company if they haven't been interviewed and approved by their future subordinates'.

Every 6 months everyone gets evaluated anonymously, as a leader, and this determines whether they should continue in that leadership position...

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