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by The Architect on Jun 15, 2017

We're experimenting with sharing examples of practical leadership from the inspiring leaders achieving extraordinary results that we have met in our past few years of helping leaders develop.

All the learning gems in the eBook were shared by ONE leader in one of our digital leadership communities(our Hub for the Intercontinental Hotels Group). It's an example of how our in-house leadership networks reveal hot spots of great leadership practice that are then spread to the rest of the community.

Lissy Thornquist shared with us what her team was achieving while she was GM of Holiday Inn Gatwick, and we curated her best practises into these short lessons that were soon adopted across IHG.

Right-Click and select 'Save As...' to Download the PDF
Right-Click and select 'Save Link As...' to Download the PDF

Lissy was a stand-out contributer and leader. But she was one of many in our community, and was always taking part in the ongoing leadership conversations, looking to 'shamelessly steal' new best practises from her peers.

The best leaders know to never stop learning, and the best leadership development needs to be constantly evolving for them.

What's in the Book?

  • Practical advice on how to inspire a team ('Red Card, Yellow Card'),
  • The surprising ways that Fun can improve / change behaviour
  • How Lissy realised her Front Desk her been needlessly stressed out for 3 years because they didn't ask the right questions
  • And many more, all in 60-second snippets, like this:
Book Sample #1Book Sample #2

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