Great Leadership Development - For Free?

by The Architect on Mar 13, 2017

The Learning and Skills Group hosted a webinar with Nigel Paine, "a change-focused leader with a worldwide reputation".

I first met Nigel (he probably doesn't remember) at the Inspired Leaders Network years ago, where he shared his thinking and practice in developing leadership at the BBC, and I found his approach compelling. So, I tuned in to find out how the research for his new book has shaped his thinking on great leadership development.

You can imagine my delight when a few minutes in I realise "he's describing us!" (How my team creates and runs online leadership communities of practice, that is):

Nigel Paine's Conclusions on Leadership Development
Nigel Paine's conclusions on Leadership Development
  1. Understand the real world in which these leaders operate
  2. Leadership development is a whole organisation issue
  3. Create an environment for creating together
  4. Actionable learning
  5. A leadership programme is never finished and always under revision

'For Free'?

The lesson from Nigel's webinar is that the free (and valuable) learning is inside your own organisation. And it needs to be spread. His process, 'look inward to real people, then co-curate their learning into bite-sized pieces' is exactly how we operate with our Hub.

My notes are attached in case you find them useful

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