How you can help Innovation grow from within the company

by The Architect on Jan 17, 2018

We have a new Infographic in our Visual Library with some practical steps towards making fertile ground for innovation to grow.

Our Learning Communities specialise in creating an environment where new ideas within the organisation are found and fostered. Keeping the approach 'action-based' is a key part we're always seeing missed by organisations; 'innovation' can end up sounding too conceptual and the small, real, practical changes that lead to true innovation are often neglected.

  1. Redefine your notion of Innovation
  2. Develop and support an action-based Environment
  3. Recognise variations in the scope and impact of Innovations
  4. Cultivate trust and autonomy
  5. Empower proficiency
  6. Permit failure
  7. Dig deeper for Opportunities
  8. Embrace change
  9. Align innovation and strategy
  10. Implement ideas

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