Leaders, tell Stories! The effects on the brain are astonishing

by The Architect on Oct 30, 2017

We have a new infographic on the Hub. A short one, but crucial for understanding that yes, storytelling is essential to good leadership, despite its buzzword status in the Leadership Development industry.

Stories are the language our brains work in. It helps us to remember crucial detail, to apply our empathy, or to give purpose.

Great leaders are great storytellers. 

Remember this mythical JFK story?

The president was visiting NASA headquarters and stopped to talk to a man who was holding a mop.

“And what do you do?” he asked.

The man, a janitor, replied, “I’m helping to put a man on the moon, sir.”

Somebody at NASA who managed that man had made it clear that his job of keeping the workspace clean and helping to create an uncluttered, safe working environment was essential to the mission. He was part of the team.

That JFK story probably never happened. But it's a great story

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