Leadership Basics - 7 Questions for Effective Change Management in your Organisation

by The Architect on Jun 27, 2017

An infographic on one of the greatest challenges that leaders face: bringing long-lasting change to their organisations.

We at the Hub are used to dealing with change management, as our leadership communities encourage constant self-improvement and adoption of best practises from across the company. That means your leaders are actively improving at leading change all the time on a small-scale, which has a huge impact on the company culture.

Why is this so critical? Because the first part of bringing about lasting change is accepting that it is needed. Getting your people to pursue it with their hearts. Not just following the motions to avoid any trouble.

(Which is why if your higher-ups aren't modelling the change they're trying to implement, they can't expect the rest of the organisation to follow suit... People can tell when it's not authentic.)

The 7 Basic Change Management Questions (explained in more detail on the Infographic):

  1. Where are we?
  2. Where do we want to go?
  3. How ready are we to get started?
  4. What practical steps do we need to take?
  5. How do we manage the journey?
  6. How do we keep moving forward?
  7. How do we avoid mistakes?

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