The Leadership Development industry must learn to Respect our Attention

by The Architect on Jul 20, 2017

In traditional learning modules, learning is measured based on how 'How long did you spend doing the module? Did you finish your one-hour module?'

If people spend 1 hour in our learning community, we've failed them.

We actually have a time limit. We say to them if you spend more than 5 minutes in our community and haven't found something useful by then, we've failed you.

And that's hard for the industry to swallow.

The Attention Economy

Today's Leadership Development must learn to respect peoples' time and attention.

Information is abundant. This means the scarce resource, and thus the one of most value, is peoples' attention. We only have so much focus we can grant in a day.

    Ineffective Leadership Development just amasses a large quantity of information. It'd be easy for a social learning network to be considered a success because it amassed hours of modules, pages of discussion, and an addictive 'keep scrolling' set-up.

    But that's not respecting attention, that's demanding it.

    We've had 10 years of mastering this Attention balance

    The best learning comes from:

    • just a few minutes of focus a day,
    • drip-fed over time...
    • with each learning put into immediate action (here's the science).

    It's not about a wealth of information, it's about curating the important information into a few minutes.

    Then, it's about your learners acting on it immediately. 1 hour in a module will fade from your working memory. 5 minutes of learning with 55 minutes putting it into immediate practise? That's what we encourage our users to do.

    Real-time development of your leaders. Just in time.

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