The Leadership Shortfall in the Next 5 Years...

by The Architect on Jul 27, 2017

84% of organisations anticipate a shortfall of leaders in the next 5 years.

We have a new infographic in our Visual Library, with some startling statistics.

More is spent on Leadership Development than any other learning category. And despite that, it's still failing to engage the new generation of leaders, leaving tremendous gaps in critical Leadership positions.

Developing Leaders at All levelsOnly 5% Implement at All Levels

This is why organisations adapting to social learning systems for their Leadership Development are seeing such huge improvements compared to the traditional modules. With a curated learning community, all the expertise across the organisation is suddenly open to every level.

Suddenly, the net widens. People can lead from where they are, and potential leaders begin to see opportunities for long-term growth with your organisation.

For those who had planned to take their skills elsewhere, it removes the anonymity of the corporation they are working for, instead replacing it with the thousand relatable faces of a thriving learning community. One that offers the opportunities for self-improvement that the new generation of leaders are looking for.

The leaders are in your organisation already. They just need access to the right tools.

Read the Infographic, '13 Shocking Leadership Development Statistics' >>

The Infographic

Infographic Source: Infopro Learning

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