Mini Habits: One Push-Up a Day Can Lead to Big Change

by The Architect on May 11, 2018

We have a new book in our Book Club: Mini Habits, by Stephen Guise.

A Duke University study concluded that about 45% of our behaviour is from habit. Habits are even more important than this 45% suggests because habits are frequently repeated behaviours (often daily). This repetition adds up to big benefits or big damage in the long run.

Great insight into Leadership Psychology and behavioural changes. Understanding the human brain is crucial to bettering yourself and others. It's why we use Neuroscience in setting up our Leadership Development communities.

We have put together a couple of pages of the best bits of the book, which deal with training the habitual parts of the brain to accept change. Even if you just do something as small as one push-up a day...

Click Here to read the best bits of 'Mini Habits'. >>

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