The problem – and possible solution – with Leadership Development

by Phil Dourado on Dec 14, 2016

Online leadership communities: where are we at?

I’m writing a series of three articles for HR Director on the state of play in using in-house online leadership communities to develop leaders in a ‘community of practice’, as an alternative to, or to supplement, existing leadership development.

The articles are based on eight years of running such a community of practice for one of the largest companies in the world.

Here's an extract from the article...

HR DirectorThe Problem – And Possible Solution – With Leadership Development

Kamenev and Zinoviev were two Bolshevik leaders under Lenin. The impression Lenin made on them was so great that they both developed his handwriting.

Marty Sklar was one of Walt Disney‘s right-hand men and became Chief Imagineer for the Disney Corporation. Walt always used a red pen to make notes. Long after Walt‘s death, handwritten red notes were still being passed around the Imagineer department, because Sklar would only use a red pen. At Disney, when casting around for a creative solution, the question everyone uses, even now, is ―’What would Walt do?’

The imprint leaders leave on people is mysterious and the legacy of effective leaders runs deep.

But one thing it is not is standardized.

HR departments in large organizations, currently working diligently on standardized leadership behaviours, and development systems, please take note.

“We have been told for years now that there is a standard, homogenized great leader type or template we have to aspire to. Organizations deliver one training programme, people are expected to become clone leaders. That doesn‘t work. The marketplace tells us that difference works. Challenging the status quo and standing out from the pack is what makes a great leader.” Rene Carayol

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