Tom Peters' 'Hospital Leadership' post from 2009 is even more relevant today

by The Architect on Sep 1, 2017

I stumbled across this post from Tom Peters in our vault from 2009.

It's an honest out-lining of the status of hospital leadership in fourteen points. And as I read it, it occurred to me that after 8 years a lot of these points have only become more relevant.

Do these Sound Familiar?

6. Do all the bits talk to-engage-consult "obsessively" with the other bits? Is the delivery of services truly a turnkey team effort? [Cross-functional communication is arguably enterprise issue #1; in healthcare it's about as bad as it gets—the normal problems are compounded by the hospital "class system," with docs at the tippy-top, and no one else even a close second.]

7. Are the patient and the patient's family at the epicenter of the universe? [Bizarrely, the answer is a resounding "no" in 9 cases out of 10.]

Tom Peters may be seen as a bit 'old school' but we at the Hub disagree. He's still possibly our favourite leadership 'guru'.

And yes, it is about healthcare in the US, but see how much of it applies to healthcare challenges all over the world.

Read the 14 Points Post Here

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