Too much for Leaders to Learn! (Curation)

by The Architect on Jan 1, 2018

The amount of data being generated every minute is unreal.

Data Never Sleeps

There's no lack of information out there. There are Leadership Development lessons in every shape and form... articles, videos, journals, infographics, seminars...

Digital learning communities and learning networks are sprouting up in organisations worldwide. But most of these are focused on making sharing as easy as possible, on generating as much information as possible.

They're missing the 'secret ingredient': Curation

“Curation is about optimizing the time, focus, and efforts of both learners and employers as digital content grows. Curation is a key, strategic, and evolving opportunity and challenge for the Learning & Development field.

As content, context, and collaboration for Learning expands, your employees are facing a wider Learning Panorama." - Elliott Masie, from the synopsis on his upcoming 'Curation & Learning LAB'

Masie's work has hit the nail on the head. The glut of digital information can bog down real learning. Curating content is somewhat like running an always-on dynamic course that is focused on the needs of the leader in the moment.

"Curation is the process of finding, sorting, organizing, rating, ranking, recommending, validating, clearing, tracking, and personalizing learning resources." - Masie

It's a skill we've found requires a human touch to get right

Taking all the information available and making sense of it is a step beyond even the most well-developed search engines.

We invented a ‘Curator’ character years ago for our Leadership Development communities to deal with the vast amounts of learning being generated in the leadership conversations in there.

We decide on what the leaders in the community need based on what they're saying. We trim the content down to what's important (for example, turning 100 comments on Service Excellence into 3 action points). Then we elevate the learning by contextualising it; giving it personal meaning for our leaders.

It's not about assigning an overall course to learn from. It's about addressing the leader's current need, then providing resources and direction for their learning based on that real need.

Real-time development of your leaders. Just in time.

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