Yes, you CAN learn how to be Emotionally Intelligent

by The Architect on Apr 3, 2018

These Emotional Intelligence competencies are not innate talents, but learned abilities, each of which has a unique contribution to making leaders more resonant, and therefore more effective. - Daniel Goleman

This is an odd reoccurrence we see from old-style Leadership Development.

When your company is constantly announcing new Leadership Development initiatives and abandoning old ones, or your development is split into timed modules where you must learn EVERYTHING about a subject over a long weekend, a lot of leaders fall into a mental trap:

"You can't learn this stuff. Good Leadership is innate."

Nowhere in all of the Leadership areas does this come across more than in Emotional Intelligence. A lot of Leaders excuse a lack of empathy or impulsive emotional releases as being an unchanging part of who they are.

Changes of habit require a much longer-term development, and practised repetition from the Leader. Those of you browsing for self-development reasons know this as well as any.

Take that on board when browsing this infographic. Where would you like to personally develop? Keeping an image like this close at hand, just as a mental daily reminder to try, can have so much more impact than short bursts of focused Leadership lessons that tell you how you should be instead of how to get there.

The 4 Domains of Emotional Intelligence

1. Self-awareness (Recognize how your emotions shape your decisions)

2. Self-management (Control impulses healthily to respond to situations appropriately)

3. Social awareness (Pick up on social dynamics and emotional cues of others)

4. Relationship management (Work well with others and develop communication skills)

Emotional Intelligence Infographic

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