Deep Work

Nathan Lozeron's 7 minute summary of 'Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World'

A short video that cuts to the core learning points of the book. We featured this video last year on a Hub blog post, and are now committing it to the Book Club. (And here's more from Nathan.)

What is ‘Deep Work’?

Professional Activities performed in a state of Distraction-Free concentration that Pushes Cognitive Abilities to the limit. Practising intense periods of focus.

These efforts create new value, improve your skills and are hard to replicate. Newport uses J. K. Rowling and Bill Gates as examples of huge success credited to intensive bursts of ‘deep work’.

‘Deep Work’ is becoming increasingly valuable and rare as the world becomes more distracting around us. The learning model the Hub uses for leadership development is an "attention-based learning model". Even this video is only 7 minutes long to fit in this new attention-based economy!

Newport offers 3 strategies for incorporating ‘Deep Work’.

  1. Schedule Distractions so you can hold your focus until that time
  2. Develop a Habit of Deep Work to remove the effort of having to choose to do it
  3. Evening Shutdown – sleep is a must in order to maintain the balance

More on this book.. The 3 Dangers of 'Shallow Work'

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