The Happiness Advantage

Positivity and optimism are invaluable traits anywhere in life. Keeping the balance of 'realistic optimism' is all part of developing personal resilience. It's not just believing that something good will happen for you and waiting on it; it's believing in yourself and making the good possible.

In this book, Achor outlines Seven Principles that fuel success and performance at work:

1. The Happiness Advantage. Your brain can be retrained to focus on positivity, which improves productivity and performance.

2. The Fulcrum and the Lever. The fulcrum is your perspective on the world and what is happening in it. The lever is the potential and power that you believe you have. By moving your fulcrum in the right direction you can exert a lot more power when moving the lever.

3. The Tetris Effect. Opportunities fly by when you are focusing on the negative. You can train your brain to look for positive patterns like happiness, gratitude and optimism, which will allow you to capitalize on opportunities when they arise.

4. Falling Up. Reaction to failure can fall into two camps: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or Post-Traumatic Growth. The latter is achieved by believing in your own ability to positively change your life, and using small, concrete steps to grow from the failure.

5. The Zorro Circle. Focusing on manageable goals in crisis give you the emotional control to tackle the bigger ones without being overwhelmed.

6. The 20-Second Rule. Removing those small, everyday barriers that stop you achieving significant changes in habits and behavior. Achor's example is removing the 20 seconds it took to get his guitar out to play every day; by leaving the guitar out he managed to start practicing as he wanted to.

7. Social Investment. In the midst of challenges and stress, some people choose to hunker down and retreat within themselves. But the most successful people invest in their friends, peers and family members to propel themselves forward.

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