How to Have a Good Day

"How we spend our day is, of course, how we spend our lives." Anne Dillard

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Here's another example of the sort of proven content that the Leaders in our Leadership Development communities found immensely useful.

This time it's a micro-lesson on Personal Productivity: an animated summary of Caroline Webb's book 'How to Have a Good Day'.

We are all conscious of our mental waxing and waning... and yet instead of trying to work with our brains to make the most out of our time, we try to apply old-fashioned Factory-based efficiency methods of 'Productivity' that only work best with machines.

I think Webb's book is very powerful in moving the 'productivity and personal and team effectiveness' agenda on for leaders who might have got stuck in the old Dave Allen list-making approach to productivity. Webb's thinking goes far deeper. Like all things based in behavioural science, it's painfully relatable and feels honest to who we are.

The animated video by Nathan Lozeron is 11 minutes. If you don't have that long, the essentials are captured in the first three minutes.

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