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IHG Leaders Lounge

We built and ran an 'always on' global Community of Practice of 1500 leaders for one of the largest companies in the world. They learn how to lead from each other, and from our 'micro lessons', in just five minutes a day. It's the new way to develop your leaders. And we pioneered it.

The IHG Leaders Lounge

The Company: IHG

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InterContinental Hotels Group or IHG is a British multinational hotels company headquartered in Denham, UK. IHG has over 742,000 rooms and 5,028 hotels across nearly 100 countries.

A new way of developing leaders

Tracy Robbins, former EVP of HR at IHG, explains why they introduced a new way of developing leaders at IHG using the IHG Leaders Lounge.

See IHG's Objectives

IHG's Objectives

  • Grow 60,000 rooms over 3 years
  • Introduce new thinking and new values
  • Help globally dispersed leaders share new vision
  • Encourage role modelling of behaviours to embed new culture
  • Increase visibility and accessibility of leadership team
  • Encourage leadership team to engage with employees across the company
  • Encourage feedback from general managers and leadership teams around the world

Corporate Executive Board Case Study

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To drive leadership productivity, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) establishes an exclusive online portal for its leaders that enables them to capitalize on the expertise of the leadership team and execution, not just development, oriented leader workflow tools.

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The Results: What IHG achieved

Tracy Robbins, former EVP of HR at IHG, describes what IHG achieved as a result and the financial benefits.

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The Results

  • Commitment to helping IHG leaders learn
  • Platform for leadership team to take accountability for themselves and their teams
  • Instant two way sharing of ideas and best practice - real-time value
  • Cost benefit from not running courses
  • All business targets achieved

Award-winning Leadership Development

The IHG Leaders Lounge won InterContinental Hotels Group (and us) a string of awards from around the world, including these ones:

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Working with the Leadership Hub team

Tracy Robbins, former EVP of HR at IHG, explains what the Leadership Hub team is like to work with and what value do they add and bring to an organization.

IHG Leadership Development Stories

Franck Merot

Franck Merot

Hotel Manager

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“The concept of the leader lounge is absolutely brilliant! When I first discovered the Leader Lounge, I got surprised and impressed by the fact that leaders would share their mistakes, learning, tools, tricks for the others to learn and grow faster. This is surely part of the winning way and a huge contribution in IHG Success.” Franck Merot, Hotel Manager

Bronagh Lavery

Bronagh Lavery

Director Product Management

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“I love how the lounge has evolved over the past 2 years in particular, the topics presented for conversation and how it’s going to evolve further in 2016. Great job team and it’s somewhere I like to visit every morning to get a sense of how leaders feel across IHG, inspiring best practices from other leaders and fun and useful tips. Thanks!” Bronagh Lavery, Director Product Management

Ingrid High

Ingrid High

Manager Sales & Marketing

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“Think you know I’m a big fan of the Leaders Lounge! I particularly like the “digestable” format in which it’s delivered – I intentionally block 15 minutes off twice a week when I’m in the office to log on and engage, but when travelling, as so many of us do, it’s nice to be able to just log on via phone or tablet,even at the airport, and consume some good content! Thanks for keeping it fresh. P.S. Another element I LOVE is the global engagement!” Ingrid High, Manager Sales & Marketing

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