How to build an online Leadership Community of Practice

We reversed the time paradigm for leadership development

Normal measurements for success in leadership development, even in online learning, are time based - the more time spent learning, the more successful. It's an 'attendance-based model'.

In terms of overall productivity, when we know that most learning is NOT transferred back to the workplace, this is a no-win equation. No wonder most people say they only spend 1% of their time developing themselves, because there are too many work demands on that time.

But, what if you design a learning system that accepts that 1% and works with it, instead of fighting it. One percent of a working day is about 5 minutes (8 hours x 60 x 1%)

Leadership development in five minutes a day

The latest knowledge on 'how we learn'* says that five minutes a day, as long as the learning is incremental and pieces together to head in the right direction, is enough to develop yourself and others around you as a leader.

So, we made that time promise to our community members: come into the community several times a week for five minutes or less, and if you don't find something - a micro-lesson created by my team or one of your peers - or a conversation with an 'Aha!' answer in it from a fellow leader - that helps you with your leadership challenge right now, then tell me.

So, we don't take people away from leading to develop them as leaders. We combine the two.

* See Rock & Schwartz, whose work on the neuroscience of leadership has cast new light on how we learn, and how we retain that learning and put it into practice.

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