The Importance of Strong Healthcare Leadership

Editor's Note: A correction to the last point. As of 7th Nov 2017, rising demands in the UK have led to a shortage of staff becoming the number 1 concern of the NHS, edging out 'lack of funding' for the first time in years.

"There are now 6% more staff than there were three years ago, but demand for services has risen by three times as much in some areas."

Source here.

Some interesting highlights from the infographic:

The average tenure of a hospital CEO is 3.5 years. 56% of CEOs exit involuntarily. 94% do not have an extensive hospital background.

31% of leaders held their position for 10 years or more. 45% of leaders held their position for 4 years or less.

Nurses only make up 6% of board members, less than 1/3rd the number of physicians.

What keeps healthcare leaders up at night? The top issue as it has been for years is a lack of funding and governmental mandates.

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Source: Norwich University

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