6. Not e-learning as we know it

Stanford University Professor Bob Sutton describes traditional e-learning this way:

“On the one hand, you have formal, structured learning delivered on-line, typically presentation slides with a little window in the corner of the screen where somebody talks. For the more formal e-learning, the computer can sometimes be a problem because you lose the interactivity.”

“The Information Age is enhancing innovation, especially innovation that comes from new combinations of disparate fields. This is the more informal side of e-learning. In some ways, it‘s a structured versus an unstructured problem.”

The Leadership Hub takes a relatively unstructured approach, relying on emergence and participation to create patterns and structure. But, you do, however, need to impose a time structure – a schedule – to the creation of content in a relatively unstructured environment.

Regular posting of short, sharp inspirational leadership tips and tools borrows from TV scheduling to encourage users to build regular scheduled visits into their diaries.

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