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You cannot train people in leadership. But leadership can be learnt. Paradoxically, leaders learn and develop themselves most effectively when they are outwardly- focussed; when they are developing other leaders.

For the first time, the collaborative tools exist to allow an organization to build a global community of leaders who learn from each other and help develop each other; sharing experiences, ideas, practices and insights peer-to-peer online, allowing inspiring practice to spread, and a collective leadership culture to emerge. Or for a successful culture to be maintained and protected as an organization continues to grow globally.

The Leadership Hub is the world‘s first online community of practice for leadership using these collaborative principles.

This paper looks at how these principles of collaborative development are put into practice.

But, does it work?

Since 2009, the author has developed and run an in-house ‘Leaders Lounge’, developed as a global online leadership community, using the principles in this paper, for the world‘s largest hotels company. The Leaders Lounge has won a series of awards internationally, and has evolved and proved the underlying concepts outlined in this paper.

You can and details of those awards by scrolling down the centre column of the home page on the author‘s site here: phildourado.com

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