EXTROVERT OR INTROVERT - Who makes the better leader? (2-minute clip from Susan Cain)

by The Architect on Jun 14, 2017

"One central mind-shift is that many people don't think of introverts as leaders. Including introverts themselves. And that's completely wrong." Susan Cain

A common misconception of Leaders is that they are all extroverts.

This is, of course, a myth. Not only does everyone have traits of introversion anyway, but even the most introverted rise to positions of power through their passion for their work.

Leadership development does not reflect this. It might recognise that humility, thoughtfulness and creativity (traits of introversion) are core tenets of leadership, but will not provide a space to reflect and fully access those traits.

Most leadership development simply teaches introverts to BE extroverts. We are losing these potentially powerful leaders

  • An introverted leader will get better performance out of a proactive, extroverted team...
  • While an extrovert leader will get better performance out of a passive or introverted team.

Susan Cain, founder of the Quiet Leadership Institute, explains.

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