"See the Whole Court" Warren Bennis (2-minute video)

by The Architect on May 11, 2017

The late Warren Bennis, dubbed the 'Dean of Leadership' by the Financial Times, gets to the heart of leadership development in this short clip.

I chaired a leadership seminar Warren gave in Florida and he was wise and generous; he kept in touch afterwards purely to help me with my own leadership thoughts. It's safe to say the Hub as it is today was heavily inspired by his lessons (leadership is example, we learn best from authentic leaders we admire etc.)

Perhaps this video rings so true to me because I can see the early kernels of wisdom that would become our leadership communities:

What we have to do, and this gets at the word ‘integral, integrated’… We have to actually help leaders become generalists.

They’re not the ones who’re gonna find out all those things that need to go into a decision or judgement. No one can do that alone. Unless you’re running a very small Ma and Pa shop.

So you need to collect all these items of information and you have to organise them and integrate them and, as a basketball coach would say, ‘see the whole court’.

It’s a delusion of unique individuality to think that we know it all. That is stupid beyond words, in this world.


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