Wisdom of Crowds and Leadership Development

by The Architect on Apr 11, 2017

One of our team spotted this old BT advert. It's basically how our digital leadership communities work: we apply the wisdom of crowds to leadership within a private digital community that we build and run for you.

Imagine one of your leaders in the amphitheatre, sharing a leadership problem with other leaders in your organisation.

Or imagine a team of your leaders going through a leadership development programme in the 'arena' while the rest of your leaders and would-be leaders watch and learn from them.

A bit like how surgeons carry out the latest techniques in the operating room while their peers and medical students and others cram into the viewing gallery to watch and learn through the glass.

We found that old vid buried in this Slideshare explaining how Communities of Practice work. Or learning networks - doesn't matter what you call them.

Key Slide

A description of a Community of Practice

Original Presentation

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